Avoid Airport Restaurant Turbulence With Our Commercial Disposal Alternative

Avoid Airport Restaurant Turbulence With Our Commercial Disposal Alternative

Operating a restaurant inside a busy airport means that you always have a steady stream of customers. If everything goes smoothly, it can be a very profitable operation.

It’s also a great way to build brand awareness as travelers from all across the country will walk by and hopefully stop in to grab a bite to eat at your airport restaurant.

But that are several unique challenges and a lot of red tape that come with running a restaurant inside an airport.

For example, most airport restaurants are located inside the terminal after passengers have already passed through security. So extra safety precautions have to be taken to make sure no knives from a restaurant end up on an airplane.

Since travelers come at all hours while the airport is open, most airport restaurants are required to serve them for longer hours and have to stay open even later if flights are delayed. This means they’ll need to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options even if they normally wouldn’t have all those items on their regular menu.

To avoid the perception of airport gouging, many airports restrict pricing on airport restaurant menus to no more than 10% what their normal prices would be on the street.

If your kitchen is slammed and it takes longer than normal for someone to get their order in a traditional restaurant, then they might miss their lunch hour or be late for a movie after dinner. But if they have to catch a flight, then that’s a whole different level of stress in getting your food out in a timely manner.

Every restaurant owner knows how challenging it can be to find good employees. But for the airport restaurant owner, you have to add in the additional burdens that their employees need special security clearances and they have to deal with airport parking and pass through airport security on a daily basis just to get to their job.

Airport restaurants can also find it more challenging to get supplies delivered from their vendors at specific hours. And they generally have much tighter spaces to work with and restrictions on what types of kitchen equipment they can use (like gas stoves) because of potential safety concerns.

If you need to call an electrician or a plumber to perform service work on your kitchen equipment, they need to be someone with a TSA security clearance.

When flights get bogged down by maintenance, transfers or layovers, busy travelers want to grab a bite in airport terminals. So patrons flock to terminal restaurants as flights come and go.

Due to this massive influx of business, extra cleaning is required to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly. The last thing you need are problems from your commercial garbage disposal.

If food scraps get caught in your grease trap and cause back ups, you’ll have hungry passengers who won’t get their meal.

When employees are trying to keep up with hungry passengers, it is harder for them to clean things properly. During a lunch rush, their focus might skew from making the best decisions to getting items out as fast as possible.

This can lead to things going down the drain that normally wouldn’t and long term plumbing problems will inevitably catch up.

Avoid Plumbing Problems With Our Commercial Disposal Alternative

When plumbing problems occur in a busy airport restaurant, it’s an even bigger headache than a traditional restaurant. It is best to prevent these types of issues altogether.

The Drain Strainer™ can help you avoid issues with what gets put down your drains. No matter how much you focus on employee training, short cuts are always going to be taken and items are going to be put down your airport restaurant’s commercial disposal that can harm it.

If you want to avoid issues with commercial garbage disposals that are leaking or have burned out motors, The Drain Strainer™ is an effective and affordable commercial disposal alternative.

Invented by a former restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer™ can eliminate issues with mangled silverware or dangers from employees putting their hands down the commercial garbage disposal trying to clear out a clog.

Click here to find out more about how our product can keep your airport restaurant running smoothly.

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