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Frequently Asked Questions

We're Replacing Our Garbage Disposal. Which Unit Should We Order?

You'll either want:


Go to our Installation Instructions and Dimensions page 
to determine which unit you'll need.

Does The Crown Adapter Attach To The Sink Bowl?

No. Even though your commercial garbage disposal attached to the sink bowl, our Drain Strainer does not.

It has adjustable legs that sit on the floor and you adjust these legs to install the unit snugly underneath the bottom of the sink bowl. You can even use a hammer drill to bolt the flanged feet to the floor for added stability.

But the crown adapter doesn't actually attach to the sink bowl. We refer to it as our universal crown adapter because the make and model of the commercial garbage disposal being removed or the size of the hole after it's taken out doesn't really matter. The crown adapter simply serves as a funnel to cover the hole where the disposal used to be installed and it directs the water and food solids into the top of our unit.

Which Unit Should We Order If We Want To Drain Multiple Sinks Into It?

You'll most likely want to order The Drain Strainer Compact. It sits lowest to the floor which gives you the most room to drain multiple sinks into the top of the unit.

Where Can I Find The Tear Sheets With The Dimensions For Each Unit?

There is a link to the Installation Instructions and Dimensions at the bottom of each respective unit's product detail order page.

You can also click on the Installation Instructions and Dimensions page to pick which specific unit's tearsheet you'd like to see.

Can We Use The Drain Strainer Instead Of A Grease Trap?

No. The Drain Strainer captures food solids, but it does not filter grease.

You'll still need a grease trap for that. But The Drain Strainer prevents your grease trap from getting clogged prematurely with food solids, so it won't need to be pumped out nearly as often.

Is There An Air Gap To Prevent Backflows?

The strainer drawer box has a built-in air gap by design.

If your concern is water backing up into your sinks, that can't happen. In case of a sewer backup, the wastewater would spill out the front of the unit where the strainer drawer is located before it could climb up into the clean dishwater. 

Can We Order Now And Pay For It Later?

No. All our units have to be paid for before we can ship them.

We're no different than ordering something from Amazon. You pick out what you want. Put it in your shopping cart. Tell us where to ship it and pay for it with your credit card.

If your institution doesn't allow corporate credit cards and you have to mail us a check, then you'll need to contact us for instructions on how to place an order manually.

Note: Using the payment by check method will significantly slow down your ordering process.

How Long Will It Take To Receive Our Order?

Our distribution center is located in California, so the further you are from the West Coast, the longer it will take. 

See our Terms and Conditions page for approximate shipping times.

Once your order has been placed with our warehouse and they ship out your unit, we will provide you with a UPS Tracking Number and the expected date of arrival.

I Still Have A Question That Wasn't Covered Here.

Contact us for any additional questions.

If enough people ask us the same question, then we'll add it to this page.

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