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Effective and Affordable Commercial Disposal Alternative

When The Dishroom Backs Up
Your Kitchen Shuts Down

If you want to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly, then you need The Drain Strainer™.

When your commercial garbage disposal is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced, we have a better solution.

Invented by a former restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer™ can replace your defective commercial disposal at a fraction of the price of repairing or replacing your disposer and keep the sinks in your dishroom flowing smoothly.

Learn How It Works in 80 Seconds

Simple and Affordable

If your commercial kitchen uses a dish machine with a catch tray that prevents the drain from getting clogged, then you already understand the concept of how this works. The Drain Strainer™ allows the water from your sinks to filter through its strainer drawer while capturing all the solids that normally clog your pipes.

Easy to Maintain

The Drain Strainer™ offers solid protection for your grease traps, floor drains and wall drains while still allowing the sinks in your commercial bar, kitchen or dish area to drain quickly. Simply remove the stainless steel strainer drawer and either save the food debris for compost or empty it into the trash.

Why Order From Us?

There are multiple companies out there selling various products that claim to be solutions to all the drain problems in your commercial kitchen.

So why should you order The Drain Strainer?

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Some of Our Satisfied Customers

St Joseph Catholic School - Circle Crop - Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

“Since installing The Drain Strainer to replace a commercial disposal, we now have ZERO issues. No more clogs, no more noise, no more maintenance, no more blown breakers. It works.”

Paul Warren

St Joseph Catholic School

Hot Suppa - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the headache of clogged pipes and maintenance costs.”

Alec Sabina

Hot Suppa

Rusty Keg Tavern - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“This is a great unit. Very well built and does the intended job. Highly recommend.”

Brian Pettit

The Rusty Keg Tavern

Union Pacific Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“The service was fantastic. They helped us pick out a size according to our needs. Our Drain Strainer is working wonderfully.”

Manuel Rodarte

Union Pacific

Phoenix Casino - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“We really needed this system in place. I want to get one for every drain in our casinos.”

Morgan Wentworth

Phoenix Casino

Phoenicia Restaurant - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“The Drain Strainer is a great long-run investment and an efficient part of our business.”

Sameer Eid


The Drain Strainer™ Comes in Four Different Models

Not Sure Which Unit To Order?

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