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City of Charlottesville logo, a crest of four colors with white icons of the courthouse, a dogwood flower, a cannon, and a scroll
Charlottesville VA

Lance Stewart

“The Drain Strainer has been a good solution to our needs. It keeps larger food particles out of the lines and keeps our grease traps from getting foul. It’s a real smooth product and I am very satisfied.” 

City of Charlottesville
The Rusty Keg Tavern - Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative
Washington Court House OH

Brian Pettit

“This is a great unit. Very well built and does the intended job. Highly recommend.”

The Rusty Keg Tavern
Fork and Gavel Kitchen - Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative
Ithaca NY

Pam Gueldner

“We are very happy with our Drain Strainer. It is much easier to use, clean and repair than our old garbage disposal. We are so glad we replaced it.”

Fork and Gavel Kitchen
Phoeneica logo with dark grey text on a white background
Birmingham MI

Sameer Eid

“The Drain Strainer is a great long-run investment and an efficient part of our business” 

Hot Suppa logo with white text on a purple background
Portland ME

Alec Sabina

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the headache of clogged pipes and maintenance costs.” 

Hot Suppa
Union Pacific Railroad logo, a red and white striped shield with white text on a blue background.
Omaha NE

Manuel Rodarte

“The service was fantastic. They helped us pick out a size according to our needs. Our Drain Strainer is working wonderfully.” 

Union Pacific
St Joseph Catholic School - Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative
Fayetteville AR

Paul Warren

“Since installing The Drain Strainer to replace a commercial disposal, we now have ZERO issues. No more clogs, no more noise, no more maintenance, no more blown breakers. It works.” 

St Joseph Catholic School
Phoenix Casino logo, red eadle above yellow test on top of a purple oval
La Center WA

Morgan Wentworth

“We really needed this system in place.
I want to get one for every drain in our casinos.”

Phoenix Casino
Allstate Plumbing logo of blue and red elements
Fremont CA

Paul Reeder

“I am a field supervisor for a plumbing company in Fremont, CA. After doing a lot of research on this type of product, we elected to purchase units from The Drain Strainer. We were not disappointed. This is the best unit on the market for replacing a commercial disposal prep sink in a commercial facility. The customer is very pleased. We will certainly buy again.”

Allstate Plumbing Co
Schrader Plumbing logo of a blue rectangle with white text and an icon of a hand holding a wrenching near a dripping facucet
Bedford TX

John Schrader

“The Drain Strainer works great. It’s easy to empty and there is no downtime or repairs necessary. One of my customers owns multiple restaurants and he said to make sure I put one in every kitchen. I have to say what a brilliant design and customer service has been great and shipping is immediate.” 

Schrader Plumbing
Elks Lodge logo of a dark blue ring with white text, a clock face, and an elk head in the center
Monterey CA

Jacqueline Busby 

“We’ve had no problems with The Drain Strainer. Our regular plumbers installed it and told us how easy it was.”

The Elks Lodge of Monterey, CA
Mike Stern Plumbing logo of an orange oval with blue text
Chatsworth CA

Steve Ortiz

“The Drain Strainers were very easy to install, very slick, and the quality is incredible. We got them here even faster than I expected.”

Stern Plumbing
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