The Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative for Bars and Restaurants

The Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative for Bars and Restaurants

One of the important decisions for any bar or restaurant is determining how to handle all the food waste that accumulates in your dishroom sinks. When your commercial garbage disposal isn’t working properly, it can have a major impact on your kitchen’s performance. Without a proper restaurant disposal solution, you’ll run into a plethora of problems that will stop your employees from working.

It can be challenging keeping a commercial food disposer working properly. Employees aren’t always careful enough about what they put down the disposal and the motor can break down or the seals can begin to leak. There is also the threat of catastrophic danger if an employee accidentally puts their hand in the disposal while it is still running.

This leaves commercial kitchen operators wondering whether they should repair or replace their defective restaurant food grinders. Fortunately, there are commercial garbage disposal alternatives that can help your business. Here’s everything you need to know about commercial garbage disposal alternatives for bars and restaurants.

What Is a Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative?

When it comes to running a commercial kitchen, your restaurant garbage disposal can have several problems. However, commercial garbage disposal alternatives can provide several benefits to help you streamline the food disposal process.

Commercial garbage disposal alternatives are used for getting rid of food solids in the sinks of your commercial kitchen. After you scrape plates and put the majority of the food solids in the trash, there will still be food particles that remain on the dishes in your three compartment sinks.

Many restaurant and bar owners search for sink draining solutions to capture these food solids while still allowing their sinks to drain quickly. Capturing these food solids will help prevent your pipes and grease trap from getting clogged, which is something that takes a lot of money and time to repair.

Not only will this help you avoid plumbing problems, but your kitchen will also be more environmentally friendly. It’s much better than grinding up food with a traditional commercial disposer unit and flushing those solids into the sewer system. That’s why many municipalities have started banning commercial garbage disposals that send food waste into sewer systems.

The Drain Strainer™ is an effective and affordable commercial garbage disposal alternative that allows your business to comply with local regulations regarding capturing food waste.

Why You Need An Effective Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

Running any business with a commercial kitchen is a lot of work, especially when it comes to maintaining the commercial garbage disposals for bars and restaurants. Keeping the food grinder working properly is a constant battle many business owners struggle with to prevent their kitchen from slowing down.

If you don’t have an effective commercial garbage disposal solution, you’ll have a hard time keeping your kitchen functioning when someone runs into problems at the sink when trying to wash things. Grease, oil, and food waste can all affect your kitchen’s pipes.

Whenever something gets clogged in your commercial kitchen’s plumbing, you’ll be forced to fix it as soon as possible. While this is happening, you can’t wash dishes and your employees can’t do their jobs.

Choosing the right commercial sink system is key. If your kitchen uses grease and oil, you’ll need to have a grease trap. To prevent the grease trap and pipes from getting clogged, The Drain Strainer™ can be placed under the sink’s drain before it feeds into the grease trap. This creates an air gap and if the sewer system ever backs up, it will spill out the front of the unit and not back up into your sinks.

If your state has regulations that prevent you from using a restaurant food disposer, you can install The Drain Strainer™ as an effective and affordable commercial garbage disposal alternative. Invented by a former restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer™ helps your commercial kitchen meet code and you’ll have an effective way to dispose of food waste.

How The Drain Strainer™ Can Benefit Your Commercial Kitchen

There are multiple companies out there selling various products that claim to be a solution to all the drain problems in your commercial kitchen. So why should you order The Drain Strainer™? Here are some of the main benefits.

Save Time

In a commercial kitchen, you can’t waste time trying to get rid of food waste. The Drain Strainer™ comes with a strainer drawer that traps food solids so that you can quickly dispose of them. All you need to do is pull the strainer drawer out and either dispose of the food solids in the trash or save it for compost. If any silverware accidentally goes down the drain, rather than getting mangled in a garbage disposal, it can simply be retrieved intact from the strainer drawer.

Reduce Odor

Whenever you have clogged pipes or grease traps in your restaurant or bar, your kitchen will start producing odors that can be hard to get rid of. Capturing food solids to prevent these clogs while still allowing your sinks to drain quickly will help prevent this from happening.

Save Money

Thanks to The Drain Strainer™ you don’t need to invest in an expensive commercial disposal unit. Being able to dispose of food waste in your sinks without equipment that eventually breaks down will be easier and cost-effective. You’ll also avoid having to hire someone to fix your pipes because they’ll have fewer problems.

No Electricity Required

The Drain Strainer™ has no moving parts. Nothing can break down. No water is needed. And no electricity is needed, so you won’t need to worry about wiring or power issues when using it. After connecting The Drain Strainer™ to your sinks, you can start using it. Aside from saving money, you can expect an effective and reliable solution to get rid of food waste in your sinks that doesn’t require much work.

Invest in The Drain Strainer™ Today

When looking for an effective and affordable commercial disposal alternative, consider The Drain Strainer™. Our Founder and President owned a restaurant for 15 years. We know commercial kitchens. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about The Drain Strainer™.

Order a Drain Strainer today for your commercial kitchen.

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