Hospital Cafeterias Should Replace Their Commercial Garbage Disposals

Hospital Cafeterias Should Replace Their Commercial Garbage Disposals

It can be extremely frustrating relying on a defective commercial garbage disposal. They are supposed to be designed for high-volume uses, yet they clog easily and frequently. Nobody wants to be reaching their hands into the drain to remove the clogs, especially in a medical center cafeteria, where chances are at least some of the food scraps have been previously handled by those exposed to dangerous bacteria or other pathogens.

Calling the plumber for commercial garbage disposal repair each time that the unit becomes clogged with food scraps is just not an economically sustainable practice. Many hospital cafeteria dining halls are required to have some form of food waste collection or disposal unit. So what is a medical facility foodservice manager to do? The solution is surprisingly simple. Here are a few compelling reasons to replace the commercial garbage disposals in your hospital’s dining hall with a more practical alternative: a food scrap collector.

Frequent Malfunctions

Is the commercial garbage disposal in your medical facility’s canteen jammed right now? If so, chances are that it’s not the first time. Most unit malfunctions are due to these disposals simply wearing out over time, making them likely to come up repeatedly in a series of frustrating mechanical failures. These may start out as simple clogs, but chances are these clogs will eventually give way to your hospital cafeteria’s commercial garbage disposal leaking and causing an even larger mess. All of this hassle can be avoided by replacing the unit with a Drain Strainer.

Economic Impracticality

Repeated calls to the plumber to your medical facility’s cafeteria for unit repairs, or even complete replacements, add up fast. So does the downtime required of the hospital cafeteria dining hall workers while these repairs are being made. Patients and their families shouldn’t have to be turned away because of malfunctioning equipment or messes in the kitchen. It not only increases frustration both in the kitchen and in the dining room, but it also drives up expenses.

Difficult to Operate

The vast majority of surgical center kitchen staff members are not capable of repairing complicated disposal units. Anyone can operate a food scrap collector, though. Simply open the door and empty the strainer drawer out as needed. There are no complicated mechanisms or moving parts, which leaves the staff with much less to worry about. Find out more about how to keep your hospital cafeteria lunchroom running more smoothly online today.

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