Filter The 3 Compartment Sink in Your Hotel's Commercial Kitchen

Filter The 3 Compartment Sink in Your Hotel’s Commercial Kitchen

The commercial kitchens in most hotels and resorts have 3 compartment sinks. The three basins are perfect for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes efficiently, allowing dishwashers to be much more efficient and thorough than they could with just a single compartment stainless steel sink. But the major downside of a 3 compartment sink is the amount of food matter that tends to make it to the grease trap from all three sink basins.

Pumping out a grease trap that has filled up prematurely with food debris is an unpleasant process. No employee wants to do it, and it takes a long time. Even worse, clogged grease traps can cause expensive plumbing issues that require a professional. As the maintenance supervisor for a hotel or resort, you have enough headaches to worry about without these type of kitchen headaches.

Luckily, there is a much easier way to stop food before it clogs the grease trap, stopping you and your kitchen employees from having to bend over and fish out the old soggy food.

The Drain Strainer is the perfect product to help collect these food particles before they clog up your drains. Unlike a commercial garbage disposal, The Drain Strainer has no moving parts that eventually break down and require maintenance, and it uses no electricity. The key to The Drain Strainer is the simplicity of its design.

Here’s how it works. As the water drains from your 3 compartment sinks, it passes into a stainless steel box with a strainer drawer. This strainer drawer catches all the food particles, letting only the dishwater through to the grease trap below. After emptying the sinks, it is extremely easy for any employee to slide the strainer drawer out, dump the food waste into the trash, and replace it. Much easier than calling someone to fish all that food out of the grease trap when it gets clogged up with food debris.

Unlike other drain solutions, The Drain Strainer is almost entirely maintenance free. Chemical solutions generally can’t keep up and don’t do anything to break down things like plastic straws. Commercial disposals require water and electricity, contain motors that can break, ball bearings that need to be replaced, or a myriad of other repairs that can add up to big headaches. With The Drain Strainer, there are no small parts that can break down, no seals that can wear out, and no risk if something like silverware slips down into the sink drain. A commercial garbage disposal would mangle anything accidentally falling down the sink and destroy the motor or the blades. Those items are just caught in the strainer drawer of The Drain Strainer to be retrieved at any time.

If you are a maintenance supervisor of a busy hotel or resort, The Drain Strainer should be at the top of your priority list to make your job easier. Save yourself costly annoyances like cleaning out the grease trap so often or hiring a plumber, and revolutionize the way your commercial kitchen operates.

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