Fats, Oil & Grease Control Program For 3-Compartment Sinks

FOG is a problem for the drainage pipes in your home and in businesses. Most foods and many drinks contain FOG. When these are put into the sewer, the FOG attaches to the sides of sewer pipes, reducing the flow. This can cause raw sewage to back up into your home or business, resulting in extensive building and property damage for you or your neighbors.

That is bad for human health, bad for your pocketbook, and bad for the environment. Causing a blockage of a public sewer system is also a violation of the federal Clean Water Act, State and local laws. The result for you may be an expensive visit from a plumber, insurance claims, and penalties for damage to the public sewer system.

The good news is that you can do much to prevent the buildup of FOG in pipes, both yours and the City’s. The City of Redmond thus manages a FOG control program to help keep FOG out of the sewer.



  • Never pour greasy liquids down 3 compartment sinks or toilets.
  • Pour grease and oil into a can, store it in the freezer, and put it in the garbage can on pickup day.
  • Scrape food scraps into the trash instead of using the commercial garbage disposal.
  • Install a food strainer under 3-compartment sink drains and empty them into the garbage can.
  • Recycle used motor oil in the curbside pickup program.

Food Service Establishments (FSEs) and Repair Shops:

  • Use a sealed grease dumpster or barrel to collect oils and grease for recycling.
  • Close the grease dumpster lid after use to keep the rain out.
  • Never pour grease or oil into stainless steel commercial sinks, floor drains, parking lots or streets.
  • Dry scrape and wipe food dishes, bowls and pans into the garbage can prior to washing.
  • Use a grease interceptor or oil/water separator.
  • Check and maintain interceptors regularly.
  • Clean interceptors and dispose of interceptor waste properly, not in the garbage can.

How Can The Drain Strainer Help?

The Drain Strainer is an important part of any FOG Control program. It captures food solids and prevents them from entering the sewer system. This also cuts down on the expense of having a restaurant grease trap pumped out as often to remove food solids.
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