Save Money With Our Foodservice Disposer Alternative

Save Money With Our Foodservice Disposer Alternative

In a busy commercial kitchen, every decision impacts your bottom line, but the big three are food costs, labor costs and equipment costs. Commercial kitchens historically run on tight margins and you need to consider not only the initial purchase price of your kitchen equipment, but the repair and maintenance costs as well as the reliability and the impact it will have on your operation if things break down.

You might not have spent much time considering how big of an impact that selecting the right waste disposal system can have on the efficiency, safety, and financial health of your commercial kitchen. Most restaurant owners just assume that a traditional commercial garbage disposal with moving parts like blades and motors is the best way to go.

But there’s an effective and affordable foodservice disposer alternative with a strainer drawer catch tray called The Drain Strainer™ that could change how you think about kitchen waste management and help you save money, enhance safety, and streamline your operations.

Built To Last

One of the biggest advantages of our foodservice disposer alternative is its durability. Employees can get in a hurry during a busy rush and sometimes put things down your 3 compartment sinks that don’t belong there. Traditional commercial garbage disposals are prone to wear and tear, leading to frequent breakdowns and the need for repairs or replacement from damaged blades, motors, and seals.

Each repair visit can be costly, not to mention the downtime it causes, which can disrupt kitchen operations. Our foodservice disposer alternative, with no moving parts, significantly reduces the likelihood of breakdowns. This reliability translates into direct cost savings for the commercial kitchen owner over time.

Effective And Affordable

Not only are traditional garbage disposals expensive to initially purchase, but the long-term expenses associated with maintenance and replacing them every few years can add up over time, creating a financial burden for the business.

Our foodservice disposer alternative is a cost-effective solution. It is easy to install. Easy to use. There’s no water or electricity needed. There are no ongoing costs because there’s no additional filters to buy and no chemicals are needed.

Safety First

Traditional commercial garbage disposals come with sharp blades that can pose a risk to staff, especially during hectic service times. Our innovative foodservice disposer alternative eliminates this hazard. Without blades or other dangerous components, there’s no worry about an employee sticking their hand down the drain.

Our strainer drawer catch tray captures silverware or other items accidentally dropped down the drain. This not only prevents damage to kitchenware but also avoids potential injuries from attempting to retrieve items from the disposal unit.

Keep Your Dish Room Running Smoothly

One of the biggest benefits of our foodservice disposer alternative is its positive impact on your plumbing and grease trap maintenance. Traditional garbage disposals grind food waste and flush it down the pipes, which can lead to clogs and other plumbing issues. These problems can be costly and disruptive to fix, not to mention the negative environmental impact.

Our foodservice disposer alternative captures food debris in the strainer drawer catch tray, preventing it from entering the plumbing system. This can save kitchen owners significant amounts of money in plumbing repairs and maintenance while also contributing to a more sustainable operation.

You can either dispose of the food waste or save it for compost. And you won’t have to pump out your smelly grease trap as often, because it’s only having to deal with greasy water instead of being overloaded with food debris.

Our Foodservice Disposer Alternative Is A Smart Investment

Our foodservice disposer alternative with a strainer drawer catch tray represents a forward-thinking approach to kitchen waste management.

The Drain Strainer™ can help you avoid issues with what gets put down your 3 compartment sinks. No matter how much you focus on employee training, short cuts are always going to be taken and items are going to be put down your garbage disposal unit that can harm it.

If you want to avoid issues with clogged grease traps or garbage disposal units that are leaking or have burned out motors, The Drain Strainer™ is an effective and affordable foodservice disposer alternative that doesn’t require the use of water or electricity.

Invented by a former restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer™ can eliminate issues with mangled silverware or dangers from employees putting their hands down the commercial garbage disposal trying to clear out a clog.

Click here to find out more about how our product can keep your restaurant floor drains free from clogs.

Let The Drain Strainer™ keep your 3 compartment sinks running smoothly by capturing food solids and avoiding any drain problems.

By offering durability, safety, cost savings, and environmental benefits, our foodservice disposer alternative is an essential component of any commercial kitchen. For kitchen owners looking to enhance their operations’ efficiency, safety, and sustainability, our foodservice disposer alternative is a smart investment in the future of your business.

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