Grease From Restaurant Drain Clogs Sewer Line in Indiana

Grease From Restaurant Drain Clogs Sewer Line in Indiana

The Fort Branch town council is concerned that restaurants are not properly disposing of their grease.

Town Council President, Tom Wallace, says a sewer line was found clogged with grease on Hillcrest Street, west of Highway 41.

Wallace says he suspects the grease came from a local restaurant drain or convenience store that is not using a grease trap.

"We do have an ordinance that says any restaurant is supposed to have that so we are investigating that to see what happened there," says Wallace.

He says a sewer line clogged with grease is both inconvenient and expensive.

"They found about five gallons worth of some grease balls," Wallace says. "We had to bring in hydromax to flush that out and that's pretty expensive. It is several hundred dollars to do it."

Wallace says this happened once before, years ago, but this two times too many. He says he will be enforcing the old ordinance to hopefully prevent the problem from occurring again.

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