Grease Trap Overflow Backs Up Sewer Line Near Mississippi Restaurant

Grease Trap Overflow Backs Up Sewer Line Near Mississippi Restaurant

The aroma surrounding the Golden Arches of College Park was anything but appetizing Friday. Sewage was bubbling over from a manhole along Highway 11-80 next to the restaurant. David Nickles, the brave Public Works employee who came to fix the situation, says it's an unpleasant sense of déjà vu.

"We had taken care of it from last week and come out here and see this type of problem had occurred this quick again, that means the businessowner isn't taking proper care of their grease trap," Nickles says.

It's a common problem for commercial restaurants that cook with grease. If the owner doesn't properly maintain the restaurant's grease trap, that grease can end up in the sanitary sewer line, which solidifies and creates a blockage.

"People think that it's coming from us, but it's really not," Nickles explains. "These business owner's ain't doing what they need to do. They need to take care of the grease traps."

Right now, the city of Meridian doesn't have an ordinance that allows the city to regularly inspect business grease traps. Public Works Director Hugh Smith says thanks to recurring issues like this, that could soon change.

"That'll eliminate some of the problem in the sewer line," Nickles says. "I won't say all of them, but it'll eliminate a lot of them."

Nickles has cleaned up the mess, so now, you can order without holding your nose. The manager of McDonald's declined to comment on the situation but says the restaurant is still open for business.

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