Investing in A Strainer For Your Restaurant Floor Drain Is Money Well Spent

Investing in A Strainer For Your Restaurant Floor Drain Is Money Well Spent

There are a number of reasons that 60% of restaurants fail within their first year. One is that most owners underestimate the large number of expenses that commercial kitchens incur. From your employees to your products, there are many parts to your budget, and each is equally important.

If you’re in this industry, every penny counts. Saving money, building your clientele, and growing sales are all important initiatives.

Looking For Ways To Save Smarter?

Invest in a strainer for your restaurant floor drain, which can help you boost profit while minimizing your operating costs. Compared to commercial garbage disposals, they’re more efficient, easier to install, and more cost-effective.

Any equipment purchase can initially be intimidating to restaurant owners. However, here are a few reasons to consider getting making a smart investment in The Drain Strainer.

What Is The Drain Strainer?

Before you buy The Drain Strainer to protect your restaurant floor drain, you need to understand the purpose it serves. Simply put, our wet waste collector filters the food debris that would normally flow into your kitchen floor drain that serves as an effective and affordable alternative to a garbage disposal.

There are a lot of problems associated with commercial disposal systems. The motor can run out, ball bearings can grind, and seals can leak.

It’s impossible to have these problems with The Drain Strainer. Unlike with a garbage disposal, there is no motor that burns out in operation. There are also no minor components that can break down or create a leak.

When you use The Drain Strainer to protect your floor drains, you’ll also help keep food solids out of the sewer system. This makes them essential tools in meeting industry safety and sanitation standards, such as those set forth by municipalities like New York City, which are geared toward banning food solids in the sewer.

They’re also an environmentally friendly alternative to a garbage disposal. This is great news for restaurant owners looking to go green.

How Do They Help You Save Money?

The cost of repairing drain clogs add up over time. Eventually it can cost thousands of dollars if the problem continues over an extended period of time and the drains have to be torn out and replaced. Add in the costs associated with any downtime in your kitchen and you can see how the price goes up.

Yet, there’s more for restaurant owners to worry about than just repairs. Fines are one of the biggest concerns for small business owners. This is especially the case for owner/operators in New Jersey, who may have to pay fines for excessive grease going down their drains.

Even on top of repairs and fines, there are other huge expenses that professionals in the food service industry need to pay.

These include the monthly electric bill. A garbage disposal needs to use electricity to run, and the busier you are, the more expensive this is.

On the other hand, The Drain Strainer does not need electricity to run. Because of this, you can spend your entire day straining solids out of your waste without needing to worry about how it will affect your budget.

Are They Expensive?

The truth is, The Drain Strainer pays for itself by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Anyone with a restaurant knows that there are a lot of expenses to worry about already. It’s not just the one time cost of replacing your restaurant garbage disposal, it’s the long-term cost of keeping and maintaining it.

In addition to saving you money, The Drain Strainer can help your kitchen run more efficiently, which helps you get food out faster, provide better service and bring in more customers. Your customers don’t enjoy the bad smells and loud noises coming from your garbage disposal.

Installing our floor drain solution can eliminate pesky odors and help create a more pleasant dining experience.

You can also reduce your risk of costly employee lawsuits. There are thousands of garbage disposal accidents per year in the United States. If your employee loses a hand fishing something out of the disposal, you will very likely have an expensive lawsuit to deal with.

It’s virtually impossible to get injured by The Drain Strainer. Our food scrap collector makes your employees safer while reducing the cost of operation for your business.

Is The Drain Strainer Easy to Install?

The Drain Strainer fits on any sink and can be adjusted depending on the distance of your sinks from the floor.

When you install The Drain Strainer Compact, you can even drain multiple sinks into it easily. The most difficult part is removing your existing garbage disposal. The effort of putting in The Drain Strainer is much easier.

There are four different models to choose from, ranging from The Drain Strainer Compact to The Drain Strainer XL for taller sinks.

If you’re interested in buying The Drain Strainer, we’re here to help you figure out which unit will work best for your commercial kitchen. As former restaurant owners ourselves, we’re committed to helping our fellow restaurant owners save money and run more efficiently.

It’s a solution that’s best for the environment, best for your business, and best for your wallet. We make it easy and affordable to order The Drain Strainer. Don’t wait to start saving money. Order yours today.

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