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Cleaning grease trap strainers and interceptors and using grease trap cleaning products and accessories can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Sink solids and sink waste separators are dirty and smelly. But when your grease trap interceptors need to be fixed or repaired, you're forced to take away time from your business to focus on these issues. The Drain Strainer™ is a sink drain solution that will pay for itself by cutting down on the money you spend for grease trap cleaning services.

The Drain Strainer - Learn How The Drain Strainer Works in 80 seconds - Restaurant Garbage Disposal Alternative

Other Commercial Grease Trap Products And Solutions Stink

No one likes grease trap cleaning.  It's a dirty, smelly job that makes everyone in your commercial kitchen or restaurant cover their nose.  Whether you do the grease trap pumping yourself or hire a grease trap service company, it's not a task you want to perform more often than is absolutely necessary. Finding an alternative grease trap solution is much preferable than conducting these bothersome kinds of activities.

Unfortunately, when your grease trap gets clogged, you don't have any choice in the matter.  The sinks in your commercial kitchen, restaurant or bar won't drain and greasy water can start to seep into the dish room floor which makes your employees' working environment very dangerous.  Many municipalities are becoming more aggressive in monitoring commercial kitchen grease trap maintenance programs to prevent problems in their sewer systems.

In an attempt to cut down on grease trap pumping cost, some operators try using grease trap cleaners, such as chemicals, bacteria or enzymes to break down the food particles inside their grease trap.  Not only are these alternatives expensive because you have to continuously buy them, but if your commercial kitchen has a lot of food waste going down your pipes, these alternative grease trap cleaners can only do so much before they get overloaded and stop working.

Most grease trap interceptors are designed to separate the grease from the wastewater, but a grease separator won't do anything to prevent your grease trap clogs from food particles.  What your business needs is an alternative grease trap solution to keep the solids from getting into your grease trap in the first place.

Cleaning Grease Traps Stinks

A Professional Grease Trap Food Strainer Solution

The Drain Strainer™ is a food solid separator that allows the water from your sinks to filter through its strainer drawer while capturing all the solids that normally clog your grease trap.  See our "What It Is" page for a full description of how this professional grease trap food strainer works.

Other drain screen systems go inside your sinks and can become hard to maintain.  While these prevent solids from going down the pipes, unfortunately, they also keep your sinks from draining very well.  Your business needs a drain straining solution that can work in tandem with your existing grease trap.

Don't wait until your employees get frustrated and bypass those types of systems before you make the switch to a better grease trap draining solution. Stop spending money on grease trap pumping and start preventing these problems with The Drain Strainer™.

See how we can help your commercial kitchen, restaurant or bar by viewing the videos on our site that demonstrate how our food scrap collector products prevent problems before they start. Visit our "How To Order" page to get yours today.

Replace Your Disposal

St Joseph Catholic School - Circle Crop - Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

“Since installing The Drain Strainer to replace a commercial disposal, we now have ZERO issues. No more clogs, no more noise, no more maintenance, no more blown breakers. It works.”

Paul Warren

St Joseph Catholic School

Hot Suppa - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the headache of clogged pipes and maintenance costs.”

Alec Sabina

Hot Suppa

Rusty Keg Tavern - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“This is a great unit. Very well built and does the intended job. Highly recommend.”

Brian Pettit

The Rusty Keg Tavern

Union Pacific Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“The service was fantastic. They helped us pick out a size according to our needs. Our Drain Strainer is working wonderfully.”

Manuel Rodarte

Union Pacific

Phoenix Casino - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“We really needed this system in place. I want to get one for every drain in our casinos.”

Morgan Wentworth

Phoenix Casino

Phoenicia Restaurant - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“The Drain Strainer is a great long-run investment and an efficient part of our business”

Sameer Eid


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