Our Solid Separator Protects Restaurant Drains

Commercial kitchen operators are often mandated by their local municipality to install a solid separator to prevent food debris from being flushed into the local sewer system. Some municipalities require these wet waste collectors if you install a commercial garbage disposal while others are stricter and won't even allow a commercial garbage disposal to be installed in a commercial kitchen.

While these regulations can be burdensome, it's really not a good idea to grind up food debris and flush it into our sewer system. The Federal Government's Environmental Protection Agency is imposing stricter mandates and forcing local municipalities to implement a Fats, Oil, and Grease (or FOG for short) best practices program to make sure commercial kitchens are pumping out their grease traps on a regular basis and not clogging their sewer systems with food debris.

A better solution is to prevent that food debris from going down your pipes in the first place with The Drain Strainer™. Our strainer drawer installs underneath your sinks and it removes the food debris while still allowing the water to pass through so your 3 compartment sinks still drain quickly without clogging the pipes.

The Drain Strainer™ was invented by a former restaurant owner who was having of many of these same issues in his own commercial kitchen. We are now sharing this solution with our fellow commercial kitchen operators.

Learn How It Works in 80 Seconds

Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Drain Clogs Waste Resources

Anyone who works in a restaurant or other commercial kitchen has had the frustrating experience of having to stick their hands into a bunch of disgusting wet food scraps to unclog the drain. Nobody wants to do it but, without the right technology, the alternative is to just let the floor and wall drains clog up more until they overflow.

The Drain Strainer illustration of product

Instead, why not outsmart that sink and install our food scrap collector?

Our effective and efficient scrap collector system works by routing all of the wastewater coming from the kitchen through our stainless steel solid separator. The strainer drawer captures any potentially clog-causing food scraps, straws, napkins, or other solid waste, preventing it from getting into the drain to cause clogs. Instead of having to pull the food debris out of the drain by hand, your employees simply empty the strainer drawer to remove the food scraps and other solid debris from our scrap collector system periodically to keep everything running smoothly.

Our solid separator can make a big difference in how well your restaurant drains are able to work. The Drain Strainer™ can help avoid the need for frequent calls to the plumber as well as downtime in the kitchen, which can save both time and money. Your kitchen workers will love having our wet waste collector installed beneath your 3 compartment sink because it saves them from having to stick their hands into wet, messy, food scraps to clear the sink clogs. Managers love it because it makes your kitchen more efficient and avoids any additional hassles from clogged drains.

No More Clogged Drains

Commercial Floor and Wall Drain Solution

Instead of wasting time and money on restaurant floor drain clog repair, The Drain Strainer™ prevents them from becoming blocked in the first place.  Our drain straining solution is a food solid separator that allows the water from your sinks to filter through its strainer drawer while capturing all the solids that would normally clog your pipes.  See our "What It Is" page for a full description of how our drain straining solution works.

In the past, some kitchen managers attempted to get around the need for frequent calls to the plumber by repeatedly purchasing chemical drain cleaners. While these may work for minor clogs as a short term solution, but over time, they will also corrode your drainage pipes, causing the need for replacement. Anyone who's had their floor drain hammered out and replaced realizes the money, time, and hassle it requires could be much better spent.

In addition to removing a good deal of hassle, taking this simple step to install our solid separator can also prevent fly infestations and unpleasant odors. Any kitchen manager who has been facing these problems alone should know there are better solutions.

The Drain Strainer™ lets your sinks drain faster and keeps food particles out of your pipes. Visit our "How To Install A Drain Strainer™" page to see our video of an actual installation that eliminated problems with clogged floor drains in a school cafeteria.

Stop spending money unclogging drains the old fashioned way and start preventing these problems with The Drain Strainer™. Visit our "How To Order" page to get your professional drain straining solution today.

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