Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternatives: Experience the Benefits

Why You
The Drain Strainer™

The Drain Strainer™ is a cost-effective commercial garbage disposal alternative and grease trap strainer that eliminates many of the headaches associated with restaurant floor drain clog repair because it prevents food debris from ever entering the sewer system. Garbage disposer strainer alternatives are the ideal solution for defective commercial garbage disposals, because they are not only better for the sewer system, but also better for the environment.

Once you install The Drain Strainer™ there is no need to purchase additional grease trap products or commercial sink accessories to protect your restaurant drains. Our wet waste separator will eliminate the cost and hassle of having to pay a professional to unclog a garbage disposal, floor drain, wall drain, or grease trap again.

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Looking for a Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative?

Clogged drains, faulty garbage disposal units and clogged grease traps are a nuisance for your commercial kitchen and can be expensive to fix. Paying someone for cleaning grease traps, repairing old garbage disposals, or having a plumber use an auger or snake to unclog a pipe or drain, water jet or even video inspect your sewer lines only solves your problems temporarily. These service calls add up over time and are more costly than installing The Drain Strainer™, a professional draining solution, which solves your problems permanently and at a lower lifetime cost compared to other sink draining accessories.

When you have to unclog a pipe or grease trap, commercial sinks won't empty and drains back up. This can lead to nasty odors, slips and falls, pest control problems and potentially even health code violations. The Drain Strainer™ is a commercial kitchen and restaurant draining solution that pays for itself by avoiding these problems.

Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

Finally a Drain Straining Product Superior to Commercial Garbage Disposals

The Drain Strainer™ doesn't require water or electricity and there are no moving parts, such as motors, ball bearings, etc., to fix or repair in the future. Your commercial kitchen or restaurant won't have to deal with costly garbage disposal repairs.

There aren't seals that eventually begin to leak or smell bad, which is never good for your business. You won't accidentally grind anything up as can be the case with using commercial garbage disposal units. No more mangled silverware or potential risk of serious injury to your employees.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative Endorsement

Not only can you install this professional food scrap collector for less than the cost of repairing a restaurant garbage disposal leaking water from the bottom or replacing a defective motor, it is a superior draining system because you prevent the food debris from ever entering the sewer system. These food solids can be saved for compost or disposed of in the trash. Not only is this drain solution better for the sewer system, it’s better for the environment.

To prevent food solids from entering sewer systems across the nation, many municipalities have already banned commercial garbage disposals and more are considering it in the future as part of their FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) prevention programs being mandated by the Clean Water Act from the government's Environmental Protection Agency. Others are getting more diligent in monitoring commercial kitchens to avoid potential sewer problems and have started levying hefty fines for wastewater violations.

Getting The Drain Strainer™ not only solves your problems now, but it's an investment in the future as additional restrictions and regulations most likely will become the norm and commercial solid separators will become an industry standard.

An Easier Drain Straining Solution Does Exist

Other drain screen systems go inside your sinks and can be cumbersome to use. While these prevent food particles from going down the pipes, unfortunately, they also keep your sinks from draining efficiently. Employees eventually get frustrated and bypass those types of systems, which costs time and money for your commercial kitchen or restaurant and then you're right back where you started.

The Drain Strainer™ lets your sinks drain fast and still keeps solids out of your pipes for good. Depending on how your commercial kitchen is set up, you may be able to have multiple sinks flow into The Drain Strainer™ rather than needing a separate strainer for each sink. This enables you to have a better functioning and lower cost drain straining solution for your business. Visit our Easy To Install page for further details regarding the installation options for this great product.

Enzymes and drain chemicals are only moderately effective. Before long, this type of draining solution gets overloaded and can’t keep up. These chemical drain solutions are more expensive in the long run because you have to continue buying them. To make matters worse, these drain chemicals can damage your plumbing system over time and often won’t do anything on man-made materials like cellophane or straws.

The Drain Strainer™ is the least expensive, best drain straining solution for eliminating all types of food particles, and it still allows your sinks to drain quickly. It also creates an air gap so your commercial sinks are not tied in directly to the grease trap in case there is a backflow.

Our product is the ultimate solution. It prevents the continual need to buy other garbage disposal or grease trap products, accessories, or solutions. It's cheaper to buy our drain straining solution once than to continually purchase other garbage disposal or grease traps products.

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