Texas Councilman Caught In Grease Trap Ordinance Enforcement

The Montgomery Texas City Council heard a report regarding local business compliance with city ordinances, specifically the required installation of backflow prevention devices and the operation of grease traps. The report stated the monthly inspections of grease traps installed in … Read More

University Installing Grease Traps To Protect Local Sewers

The University of St Andrews is embarking on a major new project to help put the town’s sewer network on a diet. They are bestowing a new PHD (Pretty Huge Diet) on the town’s sewers. They will spend more than … Read More

Make A Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative Part Of Your Restaurant’s Sustainability Efforts

The word “sustainability” is tossed around a lot these days no matter what industry you do business in. But what does it really mean to have a sustainable restaurant operation? Is it recycling? Is it food waste reduction? Is it … Read More

Clogged Restaurant Drain Forces Temporary Closure of Missouri Restaurant

A plumbing problem led to the temporary closure of an Italian restaurant in Joplin, Missouri. Johnny Carino’s had to close after an apparent restaurant drain backup caused sewage from the restaurant run into a storm drain, according to a health … Read More

Grease Interceptor Regulations Could Force Tennessee Restaurant To Close

After 25 years, a challenging business environment and a requirement to comply with EPA regulations could spell doom for an iconic Knoxville, Tennessee eatery. Egyptian natives Mo and Seham Girgis had been in Knoxville about 10 years, working at various … Read More

Massachusetts Town’s Board of Health Tightens Regulations on Grease Interceptor Pumping

Last fall, a sewer system backup in Mansfield MA that was caused by fats and oils clogging the line sent sewage into the road and the basements of two West Street homes. The Board of Health recently adopted new regulations … Read More

Texas Town Approves Ordinance On Grease Trap Cleaning At Local Businesses

Businesses and institutions across Tyler, TX will have new requirements on the fats, oils and grease that they put into the City’s sewer system. The Tyler City Council voted to implement a new ordinance regulating grease traps used in local … Read More

Commercial Kitchen Backlash from California City’s Grease Interceptor Law Enforcement

A California City’s grease interceptor law that has been at the center of some controversy after City staff began re-enforcing the decades-old municipal code. It was put under the spotlight at a recent meeting of the Lompoc City Council. The … Read More

Café In Five Year Legal Battle Over Grease Trap Regulations

There are several lessons to be learned in this ongoing story about a five year (and counting) legal battle over whether or not a café inside a now defunct bookstore needs to have a grease trap installed. But, probably the … Read More

Nottingham Restaurant Owner Prosecuted For Grease Interceptor Violations

A restaurant owner in Nottingham has been fined for blocking sewers with fat, oil and grease after multiple customer reports of sewer blockages and flooding in the area. Appearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, the owner pled guilty to a charge … Read More

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