Why The Drain Strainer XL Is the Best Commercial Disposal Unit Alternative

Why The Drain Strainer XL Is the Best Commercial Disposal Unit Alternative

Have you experienced the nightmare of a commercial disposal unit malfunction in the middle of a dinner rush? Commercial disposal unit repairs can be expensive, difficult to fix, and time-consuming.

If you haven't yet had to deal with one, it's only a matter of time. The grease and debris created in a commercial kitchen can always potentially cause a clog in your grease trap or floor drain.

And, if you have had to deal with this issue, you already know how difficult it can be. Drain backups don't just affect you when they happen - they can negatively hurt your business and your reputation if a guest has a bad experience.

Keep your kitchen running smoothly, drains and all, with a Drain Strainer XL. What are the benefits of these strainers as commercial disposal unit alternatives? Read on to learn why you need one in your kitchen today.

How Do Commercial Disposal Units Get Damaged?

No matter how clean you keep your kitchen, something that isn't supposed to will invariably end up in the drain - especially during high-volume days.

Silverware is the main culprit that can get mangled in a commercial garbage disposal and end up burning up the motor or causing the seals to leak.

When grease, oil, and fat is washed off dishes, that grease ends up in the water going down the drain. There is simply no way to avoid it. As that grease comes into contact with the water, it often solidifies, creating a potential blockage if too much builds up.

When this buildup creates a clog, your kitchen production grinds to a halt until the clog is cleared. No matter how many customers or orders are flowing in, you can't operate a kitchen unless you can drain away water effectively.

These clogs also come attached to bad smells, because of the grease and food scraps in the drain. This is an unpleasant experience for you, your employees, and any customers present.

Even worse, if the commercial disposal unit isn't repaired in a timely manner, you now have a breeding ground for bacteria, disease, and mold right there in your kitchen.

What Is The Drain Strainer XL?

The Drain Strainer XL is a collector for the wet waste produced by your kitchen. It captures food scraps that would otherwise get caught in your commercial floor drains.

The Drain Strainer XL takes the place of a commercial disposal unit in a high capacity kitchen, in addition to being an affordable option.

Garbage disposals simply have too many potential problems to be a good choice for commercial kitchens. Their motors can break, and the seals may start to leak.

However, a Drain Strainer doesn't have motorized parts that can stop working, or a seal that can become ineffective.

How Does a Drain Strainer XL Help?

Many municipalities have started to ban commercial garbage disposals as part of their Fats, Oil and Grease (or FOG) best management practices. So the first thing a Drain Strainer XL can do is make sure you're up to code.

However, a Drain Strainer XL is not your average food scrap collector. This is the tallest version of the Drain Strainer, providing a stable, effective way to drain water and trap food debris even in your tallest commercial sinks.

Using a Drain Strainer XL keeps your drains moving fast, so your dishwasher will never get behind due to a slow drain. Having sinks that drain slowly is more than an annoyance in a commercial kitchen - it can slow down your operations and cost you money.

Commercial floor drains also need to stay unclogged and working fast because they are hard to open up and fix when they get clogged. In any commercial kitchen, clogs from food debris will eventually reach the floor drain if you don't have a way to keep them out.

Using The Drain Strainer XL as a commercial garbage disposal alternative ensures a clog will never interrupt a kitchen workday.

Will It Save Money?

A Drain Strainer XL keeps your kitchen running smoothly, so you won't miss out on customers due to delays.

However, these strainers also save you lots of money on plumbing as they are an effective and affordable alternative to commercial disposal unit repair or replacement.

When you're putting in extra calls to your plumbing service, the bills can rack up fast. Make sure your grease traps and commercial floor drains have effective strainers to protect them so you can avoid this easily preventable extra cost.

Another way a Drain Strainer helps you save money is by preventing your business from being shut down temporarily or, in the worst case scenario, permanently.

Because drain backups can be a health code violation, a drain clog often means business doesn't just slow down, but halts completely until the clog is fixed.

Too many violations can result in your kitchen being shut down for good. You don't want your establishment to be shut down for such an easily fixed problem, so make sure you invest in Drain Strainers for all your commercial sinks.

Is It Safe for the Environment?

Going green is a concern for many commercial kitchen owners today.

Having The Drain Strainer XL keeps food waste out of the drains where it doesn't belong, and allows you to dispose of scraps appropriately instead. It also doesn't require any electricity to operate. This means The Drain Strainer is actually a great way to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly.

Is It Hard to Install?

Not at all. The Drain Strainer XL is actually very easy to install in your kitchen. With the XL, you can fit even your tallest sinks. Our strainers can be adjusted to fit any sink height.

If you already have a garbage disposal, removing it will be the hardest part of the installation. Once that's done, putting your new Drain Strainer XL into action is easy.

Install a Drain Strainer XL Today

Your commercial kitchen can't afford to halt production due to clogged commercial floor drains.

Install a Drain Strainer XL to prevent problems before they start - or to fix issues you've already experienced. These strainers save money, are better for the environment, are easy to install, and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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