City of Charlottesville Practices What They Preach With The Drain Strainer

Most people think of the government as simply implementing rules that place a burden on other business owners to comply. But when it comes to protecting the environment by preventing food particles from being flushed into the sewer system, the City of Charlottesville in Virginia practiced what they preach by installing a Drain Strainer to replace their commercial garbage disposal.

As many other cities across the United States, they have been trying to improve the flow of the sewage lines across the city, and the best place to start is with replacing garbage disposals. The larger food particles and grease that were flowing down the pipes were a threat to public health and were costing a lot on maintenance due to plumbing calls for clogged lines.

Lance Stewart of the Facilities Services Department says that “The Drain Strainer has been a good solution to our needs. It keeps larger food particles out of the lines, and keeps our grease traps from getting foul”.

The Drain Strainer simply needs to be emptied whenever the strainer drawer gets full, but that’s all the work it needs, and that’s what Lance loves about it the most. There is no other maintenance that goes along with it except for emptying the strainer drawer when it gets full. “It’s like a screen with larger holes in it, and it works wonders” he said. They purchased The Drain Strainer over a year ago and have not had any complaints from the kitchen or anyone else for that matter. Lance said “The Drain Strainer is well constructed and smooth. There are no signs of rust on it at all which leads us to believe it is made from quality materials.”

“A real smooth product” said Lance, “I am very satisfied”.

The city of Charlottesville is using The Drain Strainer because it works and it does not require any prior knowledge to use. Simply install it and keep the strainer drawer emptied whenever it gets full. That’s all the work it needs. It is an easy solution to a common commercial kitchen problem that not only affects your wallet, but the environment as a whole.

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