Tosi's Loves Their Drain Strainer - Commercial Garbage Disposal Replacement

Tosi’s Loves Their Drain Strainer

For nearly 75 years, Tosi’s has been recognized far and wide as the premier dining establishment in southwestern Michigan. Tosi’s Restaurant specializes in northern Italian cuisine and is widely known for their consistent high quality for both food and drink, warm hospitality and authenticity of Italian dishes. Tosi’s sits on ten acres of land on the western side of Lake Michigan, surrounded by Italian gardens and imported Roman statues. This restaurant is unique inside and out, including the Drain Strainer in their kitchen.

Tosi’s operates a successful business and they believe this is due to the credo first set forth by founder Emil Tosi: “Choose only the finest basic ingredients to prepare your cuisine, serve it efficiently in a pleasant atmosphere, and love your fellow man.” This is applied in front and in the back of the house, which allows for a smooth flow between both the restaurant and the customers.

The Drain Strainer is a cost effective system that replaces a basic restaurant commercial garbage disposal with a food scrap collecting system that needs no maintenance, or any other additional costs after you’ve installed it. The effectiveness and cost efficiency of this product has earned rave reviews.

Tosi’s originality and reputation made them the perfect user of The Drain Strainer. They are always in the public eye for something, and now another reason is their choice to be more eco friendly with their waste by deciding to invest in a system that will save them money and reduce the headaches in their kitchen. The restaurant was actually cited by Wine Spectator magazine as having one of the fines restaurant wine lists in the world.

Tosi’s is widely known for the quality of their service and authentic northern Italian cuisine, and now for staying ahead of the curve and providing their kitchen staff with a low-stress environment that is not only friendly to the environment, but safer than a garbage disposal. We caught up with Dan, and asked him how the kitchen felt about the switch to The Drain Strainer, and he said everyone loves it. “We had worked with other draining systems in the past, and love The Drain Strainer. It gets the job done.” They are extremely happy with it, and recommend it  whenever they can.

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