Reduce FOG With Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

Reduce FOG With Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

There’s a lot of moving parts to a commercial kitchen. Ordering food and preparing it. Making sure you’re properly staffed. Keeping all your kitchen equipment in proper working order. And cleaning up after a busy lunch or dinner rush.

In the hustle and bustle of running your commercial kitchen, too many things can wind up going down the drain that hurt your plumbing and the local sewer system.

Many kitchen employees take the path of least resistance and would rather grind up leftover food waste than properly scrape plates and throw it away.

A lot of bad things can happen when too much food waste goes down your drains. Not just to your plumbing, but even your reputation. And it can get you in hot water with the City.

Food waste that is discarded down your restaurant drains can cause clogging in your grease trap. These food solids lead to excessive Fats, Oil and Grease (or FOG for short) that builds up in your pipes and the local sewer system.

Once the sewer system gets clogged, it can lead to clogged pipes and eventually sewer backups and overflows.

When sewage backs up into your commercial kitchen, the stink can drive away customers. In this viral world we live, bad word of mouth tends to spread quickly.

If a manhole overflows with sewage because of excessive FOG from your commercial kitchen, then you could end up on the local news and the City can shut down your business and make you pay for any repairs.

Since your sewers flow into the local water treatment plant, if the wastewater is saturated with FOG, the treatment plant has to work even harder to purify it.

Grease trap chemicals and enzymes that claim to eat the biosolids really only move the problem downstream. FOG can still congeal and cause clogs further down the line.

Using your 3 compartment sinks to dispose of food is bad for the environment. A commercial garbage disposal is grinding up food waste and flushing it into our drinking water.

An overload of food waste and grease that can be traced back to your restaurant can hurt your reputation and your pocket book.

The only way to properly reduce the amount of food solids in your plumbing is to prevent it from getting into the sewer system in the first place.

With the Federal Clean Water Act, more municipalities are required to come up with Best Management Practices to reduce FOG in their sewer systems.

Local municipalities are requiring more stringent grease trap maintenance, the capturing of food solids and some are even banning commercial garbage disposals.

Avoid Problems With Our Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

The Drain Strainer™ can help you avoid issues with what gets put down your drains. No matter how much you focus on employee training, short cuts are always going to be taken and items are going to be put down your commercial garbage disposal that can harm it.

If you want to avoid issues with garbage grinders that are leaking or have burned out motors, The Drain Strainer™ is an effective and affordable commercial disposal alternative.

Invented by a former restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer™ can eliminate issues with mangled silverware or dangers from employees putting their hands down the commercial garbage disposal trying to clear out a clog.

Click here to find out more about how our product can keep your commercial kitchen drains running smoothly.

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