The Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative For School Districts

The Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative For School Districts

If you are the facilities manager for a local school district and the commercial garbage disposals in your schools are in need of repair or replacement, then now may be the time to look for the best choice for your school system.

There are various reasons why you may need to replace or repair your commercial garbage disposal. It could be due to a leak brought on by a faulty seal or perhaps the motor or bearings have worn out creating loud noises that cause the garbage disposal to back up.

Regardless of what the issue may be, commercial garbage disposal repairs can be quite costly. Sometimes they cost almost as much as replacing a commercial garbage disposal. Another consideration is that once you have had an issue with your commercial garbage disposal, even after being repaired you will eventually have issues with it again later down the line causing you to have to repair once again or finally replace it.

Why bother going through that hassle when there is a long-term, cost-effective solution which will prevent future plumbing costs and avoid your school system the nuisance of having to pay for expensive repairs and/or replace commercial garbage disposal units? This is exactly what The Drain Strainer™ will do for you.

The Drain Strainer™ contains no moving parts which wear out and require replacement at a later date. You no longer have to worry about parts such as ball bearings, seals, motors, etc. needing to be replaced eventually. It requires no electricity to operate and contains no seals which are prone to leakage and the messes which go along with that.

Since nothing gets ground up, there is no risk of silverware getting caught or an injury accidentally happening. The main advantage is that our system prevents food debris from ever entering your sewer system, that in itself makes it a far superior choice and prevents problems with pipes in older school buildings getting clogged.

Unlike other commercial garbage disposals which are not only quite expensive but also require ongoing maintenance, The Drain Strainer™ is a much more reliable and affordable alternative to the problem at hand. Our scrap collector retrofits easily into whatever sink system you are currently using and requires only a few minor plumbing adjustments, so there are minimal installation costs.

Not only is The Drain Strainer a great solution to prevent current plumbing problems, it is also an investment in the future as commercial garbage disposals are being banned by many municipalities due to the fact that the allow food solids to enter the sewer systems.

Your school system’s commercial kitchens are being monitored more strictly and could be fined in the future if there are any wastewater violations. Better to get out in front of these potential liabilities by retrofitting your commercial kitchens with Drain Strainers to replace your commercial garbage disposals.

If your school district needs to repair or replace your commercial garbage disposal system, don’t look any further. By choosing The Drain Strainer™ not only will you be providing yourself with the top of the line commercial garbage disposal solution, but it will also be the last commercial disposal system you will ever have to invest in. The choice is yours.

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