The Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative For Your Campus Dining Hall

The Best Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative For Your Campus Dining Hall

Managing a campus dining hall is a tough job. You have too much to do and never enough time and money. The last thing you want to deal with is persistent drain problems in the cafeteria’s commercial kitchen.

Is Your Commercial Garbage Disposal Jammed?

Is your commercial garbage disposal leaking and causing an unsanitary mess and foul odors in your college cafeteria? As you undoubtedly know, commercial garbage disposal repair is expensive, and the garbage disposal will still need to be replaced at some point.

Have you already decided that it’s time to replace the commercial garbage disposal in your college cafeteria?

There’s a solution. The Drain Strainer is the best commercial garbage disposal alternative for your University food service.

Save Money on Expensive Garbage Disposal Repairs

It’s no surprise that commercial garbage disposals break down. A commercial kitchen can produce between 25,000 to 75,000 lbs. of food waste annually. That’s as much as the weight of a fully loaded tractor-trailer being stuffed down the garbage disposal and into the sewer.

You’ll save money by installing The Drain Strainer in your college cafeteria. The Drain Strainer has no moving parts that need replacing. No motor, bearings, or other parts that can break, seize or fail. There will also be no need to have frequent service calls to clean drain lines or pump your grease trap.

Municipalities are Passing Laws About Food Waste

If your local government has not yet banned commercial disposals, they probably will soon. The Clean Water Act requires that wet waste interceptors be used to prevent food solids from entering sewer systems.

Municipal governments such as Philadelphia, Seattle, and San Francisco are worried about food wastes in sewers and even storm drains. In San Francisco, for example, they want 100% of food wastes composted. Other communities, such as West Palm Beach, are taking a different approach, turning garbage into electricity by burning it.

The Drain Strainer intercepts food wastes and keeps them out of sewers. Food wastes collect in the strainer drawer and can either be thrown away or composted. It’s easy to remain in compliance with the law.

The founder and president owned an Italian restaurant for 15 years and invented The Drain Strainer to solve his own garbage disposal problems. It worked for him and will work for you. Order The Drain Strainer today.

Replace Your Disposal

St Joseph Catholic School - Circle Crop - Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

“Since installing The Drain Strainer to replace a commercial disposal, we now have ZERO issues. No more clogs, no more noise, no more maintenance, no more blown breakers. It works.”

Paul Warren

St Joseph Catholic School

Hot Suppa - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the headache of clogged pipes and maintenance costs.”

Alec Sabina

Hot Suppa

Rusty Keg Tavern - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“This is a great unit. Very well built and does the intended job. Highly recommend.”

Brian Pettit

The Rusty Keg Tavern

Union Pacific Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“The service was fantastic. They helped us pick out a size according to our needs. Our Drain Strainer is working wonderfully.”

Manuel Rodarte

Union Pacific

Phoenix Casino - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“We really needed this system in place. I want to get one for every drain in our casinos.”

Morgan Wentworth

Phoenix Casino

Phoenicia Restaurant - Circle Crop - Garbage Disposal Alternative

“The Drain Strainer is a great long-run investment and an efficient part of our business”

Sameer Eid


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