How To Protect A Casino Restaurant Drain From Clogs

How To Protect A Casino Restaurant Drain From Clogs

For the restaurant business inside most casinos, timing is crucial. What happens inside the casino kitchen is a carefully choreographed dance of efficiency. If any part of the process breaks down, it can cause a major slow-down in service that will lead to unhappy customers, bad reviews, and a drop in business. The dish area, in particular, has to keep a steady flow of pots and pans headed back to the cooks. When a restaurant drain is clogged, dishes can start to pile up and lead to a catastrophe.

Quick Fixes With Drain Chemicals

There are some quick fixes for a backed-up sink that work well enough in the short term. One of these is using a liquid drain cleaner. Harsh chemicals can break down a clog and get the water moving again, but they have to be used over and over again and, eventually, they can damage the pipes. Using a plumber’s snake is another option, but that requires time and labor a kitchen staff under pressure can’t afford.

Stainless Steel Sink Strainers

Another option is to put a strainer of some kind inside the sink bowl to collect solid food matter. Although strainers prevent solid waste from going down the drain, they fill up quickly and have to be emptied frequently or else the water will drain too slowly. Having to constantly clean the strainer interrupts the flow of work. Many gaming room restaurant owners have discovered that the best solution is a food scrap collector that is installed beneath the sink so the water can keep flowing.

The Drain Strainer

The Drain Strainer is a scrap collector system that is easy to install and use. The wet waste collector is a wide drawer that lets water flow freely, and it is easy to empty. Some casino kitchen operators save the scraps for compost, while others simply empty the drawer into the trash. The units are large enough that water from multiple sinks can flow into a single strainer.

Invented by a long-time restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer design was based on a deep familiarity with the food service business. Restaurants, hotels, casinos, and any business with a commercial kitchen drain can not only protect restaurant drains and grease traps from getting clogged but can also improve their workflow with this innovative product.

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