5 Ways a Restaurant Sink Strainer Can Save Your Plumbing

5 Ways a Restaurant Sink Strainer Can Save Your Plumbing

To say that restaurants regularly use their plumbing system is an understatement. From washing floors to cooking food, dependable plumbing is an essential feature for any restaurant in the 21st century. So, it’s wise for business owners to take measures to protect their pipes.

That’s where a restaurant sink strainer comes in handy. Here are the top 5 ways commercial strainers save your kitchen from plumbing disasters.

Commercial Strainers Strain Oil from Wet Waste

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) are common culprits among sewer clogs. If send down the drain haphazardly, these substances stick to the sides of pipes. Over time, FOG particles build on one another and solidify into a blockage.

FOG blockages can cause serious problems, especially if they occur within the walls or in pressurized water systems. Backflow, flooding and burst pipes are all symptoms of FOG clogs.

You can prevent FOG from clogging restaurant pipes by investing in a grease trap and a sink strainer. Your restaurant’s sink strainer will collect and separate FOG particles before the grease trap, offering a double straining process to protect your pipes from buildup.

Strainers Are Positioned for Water Flow

The most important thing for any restaurant water system is effective drainage. This is made possible by strategic positioning of pipes and waste removal systems. But, if part of the plumbing is disturbed, the whole system can back up. This can result in waste water in your sinks where food may be draining.

Commercial strainers are designed to fit seamlessly with the natural water flow of a building’s plumbing system. They simply fit onto existing sink basins, offering easy access for waste removal and cleaning.

Strainers Fit All Sink Types

There is no excuse to refuse to use a commercial strainer. Commercial strainers are easily fitted into existing utility sinks of all sizes. Restaurant sink strainers are available for sinks utilizing floor drains, wall drains, and other types of openings.

Strainers Catch More Than Food

Restaurant sinks are used for more than cleaning dishes. Prep cooks use them to unwrap food from the walk in and open cans and other stock duties. In a rush, it is not uncommon for some trash to end up in the drain.

Strainers remove the chance of paper and plastic waste ending up deep in your building’s plumbing. Particles large and small are caught before they breach piping. Not to mention, if someone loses a piece of jewelry down the drain, all is not lost!

Less Food Particles = Less Bacteria

While copper piping may resist bacterial growth, there is only so much that can be done if you’re washing food down the drain. Moisture, heat and food particles are a prime environment for bacteria to reproduce. This can cause drain odors and damage the quality of outgoing water (which has to be up to a certain code, depending on your location).

Commercial sink strainers stop food particles before they can cause these nasty problems. In addition to peace of mind, sink strainers can improve a restaurant’s overall health and sanitation. It facilitates clean and effective waste removal.

How to Order Your Restaurant Sink Strainer

You only have to go one day in the restaurant business without reliable plumbing to see how much it can affect your bottom line.

Chances are you have a lot invested in your restaurant’s plumbing. If you built your restaurant from the ground up, you probably invested in expensive pipes and top-of-the-line fixtures for dependability. Even if you’re leasing a space, plumbing was probably a priority when you were checking the utilities.

In the food business, prevention is the key to preserving water system efficiency. With our sink strainers, you can filter away the elements that cause pipe problems in an easy, environmentally friendly manner.

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