Five Commercial Kitchen Benefits of Restaurant Sink Interceptors

Five Commercial Kitchen Benefits of Restaurant Sink Interceptors

The modern commercial kitchen produces quality cuisine at high capacity. So when food scraps fall down the drain, it’s more than a potato skin or two. Because commercial kitchens pump out more food products than the average restaurant kitchen, efficient waste disposal is important.

Just as the home kitchen needs to worry about food particles clogging plumbing, commercial kitchens should be aware of the risk of food waste can have on their pipes. Using a restaurant sink interceptor can reduce this risk. Here are the 5 major ways this utility can benefit commercial kitchens of all sizes.

  1. Less Grease Trap Pumping

Grease traps are a code requirement in most commercial kitchens. Without regular grease trap maintenance, sewer pipes and other plumbing equipment can become clogged with solidified fats and oils.  But, the popularity of the grease removal business has caused maintenance prices to rise, costing restaurant owners more money.

A restaurant sink interceptor from The Drain Strainer reduces grease trap buildup by efficiently straining fats, oils, and grease from cooking equipment and dishes. Think of it as a pre-screening to the actual grease trap. Our sink interceptors help keep grease storage equipment in better condition so they require less maintenance.

  1. Fast Drains for Busy Restaurants

In the busy restaurant business, there is nothing more frustrating than a slow sink drain. Pots, pans, dishes and cleaning supplies need to be properly cleaned and sanitized multiple times per day. In a business where time is money, it’s important to have plumbing working fast and effectively.

Our sink interceptors are designed for heavy use and help you preserve excellent drainage. Instead of separating solids at the drain site, the interceptor works below the sink to stop food particles from slowing down drains. This design also allows employees to work and clean in the sink without waiting for wet waste to drain.

  1. Dependable Alternative to Garbage Disposal

Restaurants use garbage disposals to grind down foods before sending them down the drain. If disposals are not designed to withstand heavy commercial use, garbage disposals can be a troublesome annoyance for restaurant owners. Leaks, broken blades and maintenance issues can limit access to sinks and reduce waste disposal efficiency.

With sink interceptors from The Drain Strainer, a broken disposal is not a hindrance to effective waste disposal. Our interceptors can easily process fibrous food pieces, oils and other problematic food items for plumbing. The only maintenance required is the removal of intercepted contents when it has reached maximum capacity.

  1. Reduced Service Calls

Every business needs a plumber to snake their drain from time to time. If a restaurant does not have a sink interceptor, onsite service visits can become routine. This can add up quickly, especially if a restaurant requires emergency drain help during off-hours.

By investing in a sink interceptor from The Drain Strainer, restaurants have a long term strategy for drain maintenance.  By stopping solids before they reach the plumbing, there is less need for expensive service visits that only treat the symptom, rather than solving the problem.

  1. Protect Your Day-to-Day Operations

Plumbing issues can significantly impact your day-to-day operations. A clogged sink can easily lead to water pressure issues and even flooding. Depending on the extent of damage, it could take days or weeks to get your kitchen back up to code.

Why wait for the worst to happen when you can prevent plumbing issues at your restaurant? Your bottom line will benefit and you can protect your business from property damage.

Wet Waste is Easily Managed with The Drain Strainer

Wet waste does not have to be a restaurant’s enemy. With effective waste disposal management, even the busiest of restaurants can shield their business from plumbing costs and property damage.

The Drain Strainer produces dependable and environmentally friendly sink interceptors. Our interceptors require no moving parts, so there is less risk of malfunction or breakdown. Our interceptors are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any commercial kitchen. Contact us today to experience the benefits of restaurant sink interceptors at your business.

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