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Clogged Sinks And Pipes Really Stink

Commercial kitchen operators face a unique problem. Their businesses require heavy-duty drainage systems that can aggressively handle large food particles. However, most drains can’t take that much stuff without gunk getting stuck in the pipes. After a short while, pipes become unusable due to food particle build up in the drainage system. This can often result in drainage back-ups that require costly maintenance or repair. Even worse, a clogged or backed-up pipe can shut down your business for a day or more, which can be a big hit to your profits. Some business owners find they have to play catch up for the rest of the month just to compensate after a day-long plumbing repair. Not only do you lose money because your business’s doors are closed, but you also have to spend money pumping or replacing your drain. Let’s face it: clogged sinks and pipes stink.

No More Garbage Disposal Units

At one time, commercial kitchen operators were able to use garbage disposals to fix the food particle problem in their drainage systems. However, the EPA has created certain regulations against commercial businesses using garbage disposals. The EPA has placed restrictions on commercial businesses using garbage disposals because they consume large amounts of energy and could potentially damage a city’s sewage system. Many businesses have had to remove their disposal units. This can result in increased spending on plumbing services. And no business owner wants to deal with more expenses or clogged pipes.

A Solution to Your Commercial Kitchen Dilemma

If a business can’t have a disposal unit attached to their drainage system, then what can be done about a food particle problem? Thankfully, there is a solution to this dilemma. Many business owners have opted for a commercial sink straining system that can prevent food from getting into the pipes. This technology relies on lessening the amount of solid waste that goes into a drainage system. In addition, grease traps often require protection from solid waste. With a trash interceptor, your grease trap can be consistent with your state’s regulations. Not only that, but a trash interceptor is not mechanical, so it doesn’t break down like a garbage disposal might. You can also reduce your energy costs since there is nothing that requires electricity in trash interceptor. Add a commercial sink strainer from The Drain Strainer to your business’s sink, floor drain, or wall drain, and see what a difference it can make. You may clean your grease trap less often and spend less money on drain maintenance.

Take The Plumber Off Your Favorites List

Plumbers don’t come cheap, and if you’re calling a plumber out often, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money. If this sounds like you, then consider a food scrap collector to protect your drainage system from clogs and backups. Many commercial kitchen operators have made the switch to a commercial sink strainer, and they have noticed a decrease in clogs and backups. That means they haven’t had to call out their plumber nearly as often, either. Consequently, business owners might have more money to put into the things they really need to make their company grow. So stop spending revenue and countless hours dealing with backed-up pipes. Instead, call your plumber that one last time to have them install your new commercial sink strainer from The Drain Strainer. It just might be one the best investments you make this year.

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