Get the Commercial Kitchen Problem Solver For Restaurant Wet Waste

Get the Commercial Kitchen Problem Solver For Restaurant Wet Waste

Do you find you are having to call the plumber more often for your commercial kitchen than you would like? Many commercial kitchen owners are on a first name basis with their plumber because they see him so often.  The Drain Strainer can help you see your plumber less often by reducing restaurant wet waste.

How Problems Arise in Commercial Kitchens

In most commercial kitchens, a dishwasher washes off every plate and utensil before putting it into the big dishwasher that cleans and sterilizes the dishes used by the customers and the cooking utensils the chefs use.

Everything that gets rinsed off goes down the drain. Food, grease, and other solid matter head right for the pipes. What does not flow through the pipes appropriately gets caught up in them or in the grease trap. When enough of this restaurant wet waste gets stuck in these areas, the water starts to back up and you end up with clogged sinks and flooded floors.

Meanwhile, due to the mess in your kitchen, your staff cannot produce the food needed to serve your patrons in a timely manner. This results in unhappy customers, causing you to lose business. Your wait staff suffers because their tips decline when they cannot serve food in an expedient manner.

Even your reputation suffers. Michael Luca, in a study for Harvard Business School, noted that increasing a rating for a restaurant by one star on leads to an increase in revenue for that restaurant of approximately 9 percent.

So, you call the plumber for costly repairs that are only temporary because the problem will occur again and again. The good news is that this problem does not have to happen so often.

The Commercial Kitchen Problem Solver

The answer to this plumbing dilemma is a trash interceptor from The Drain Strainer. Install one of our problem solvers in your commercial kitchen’s dish room to catch all the restaurant wet waste washed into your sinks. Our trash interceptors can be installed in floor drains, wall drains, and underneath sinks that have 6 to 9 inch openings.

These wet waste interceptors capture the food solids that would otherwise flow into your grease trap causing foul odors, and ultimately into your drains causing backups. The Drain Strainer catches all but the tiniest of wet waste. The restaurant wet waste caught by our trash interceptor can be disposed of in trash cans or used as compost.

The Drain Strainer can be mounted in all areas of a commercial kitchen where sinks are located, such as food preparation tables, pre-wash areas or sinks where utensils and implements are hand-washed.

The Drain Strainer was designed by a former restaurant owner with years of experience operating restaurants. Our founder saw the problem restaurants had dealing with wet waste, and created a solution to it.

Benefits of Using The Drain Strainer

  1. It is environmentally friendly and maintenance free as there are no moving parts to break down
  2. It minimizes the solid particles that flow into your kitchen’s piping system
  3. Less solid waste means fewer backups and fewer calls to the plumber, saving you money
  4. It eliminates backups in your kitchen due to flooding from backed up drain pipes
  5. No backups mean you can serve your customers better and retain that stellar reputation you have for great food and wonderful service.

Join the many independent restaurants all over the country, the private and governmental cafeterias, and chain restaurants that are enjoying the benefits of The Drain Strainer. Order one today and say goodbye for now to your plumber.

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