Commercial Disposal Not Working? Replace It with Something Better

Commercial Disposal Not Working? Replace It with Something Better

If a commercial disposal is not working, a restaurant owner might not know the best course of action to take. Many commercial kitchens rely on garbage disposals to grind up leftover food particles. Grinding food may seem like a simple solution, but it can actually create more problems than it solves.

The wet waste interceptor from The Drain Strainer is a great alternative to a disposal. Here are several reasons to consider The Drain Strainer XL if your commercial disposal is not working.

The Drain Strainer saves money

Commercial garbage disposals waste clean water and electricity with every use. The Drain Strainer, on the other hand, will actually save water and electricity, thus saving money.

The unit is installed under the kitchen’s pre-rinse sink, and it catches food particles as they are rinsed from dirty dishes. While disposals require extra water to flush away ground-up particles, the Drain Strainer uses no extra water. Furthermore, the unit uses no electricity, making it safe and affordable.

The Drain Strainer is environmentally friendly

Commercial sinks use grease interceptors to separate food grease from water, keeping grease out of the sewer systems. When grease builds up in sewers, it can solidify, cause blockages and overflows. These are bad for the community and the environment, and they can require costly repairs.

While grease interceptors are designed to prevent such problems, garbage disposals only exacerbates the problem of grease buildup. Ground food particles put excess stress on the grease interceptor, sending fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into the water system. FOG causes harmful blockages and overflows.

The Drain Strainer XL prevents food particles from entering grease interceptors or the sewers, reducing FOG-related environmental problems. The Drain Strainer allows grease traps to work correctly, and it lessens the environmental impact from commercial kitchens.

Local and state governments prefer The Drain Strainer

Because FOG can cause devastating and expensive sewer overflow, many state and local governments prohibit the use of garbage disposals. Some governmental departments, like the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, impose strict fines when businesses pollute the sewers with FOG.

To avoid both environmental harm and governmental fines, businesses can install The Drain Strainer XL. The Drain Strainer reduces illegal grease emissions by putting less pressure on grease interceptors. This allows the grease interceptor to do its job more effectively, meaning less grease enters the sewers.

The Drain Strainer is durable and easy to maintain

In addition to being better for the environment, The Drain Strainer XL is also much easier to maintain than a commercial garbage disposal. It has no moving parts, and it is made of highly durable steel, meaning it can stand up to the toughest food waste. Furthermore, The Drain Strainer also lowers maintenance costs on your grease interceptors by keeping them much cleaner. A clean grease interceptor will need less work than a dirty one.

Commercial disposal not working? The Drain Strainer XL is a money-saving alternative that keeps grease interceptors cleaner, saves money and protects the environment. It also lessens water and electricity use in restaurants, cutting even more costs. Finally, restaurant owners can avoid costly government fines by installing the worry-free Drain Strainer XL.

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