The Best Alternative to Commercial Disposal Problems

The Best Alternative to Commercial Disposal Problems

Restaurant and café owners deal with a multitude of problems on a daily basis. But one recurring problem that all face is the issue of food disposables. All too often, an electric disposer clogs the sewage line, blocks the grease trap or inceptor, and creates backflows. The short-term solution is to call the plumber if your commercial disposal is clogged, but after multiple calls and no-long term solutions, owners start to look for better alternatives. The best solution to reducing floods and backflows is by installing a Drain Strainer XL.

Below are 5 reasons why it’s better than a standard electric garbage disposer:

  1. Utilizes less money and water – Disposers mix solid food waste with the restaurant’s water, thereby wasting clean water and abundant electricity in the process. The Drain Strainer on the contrary, strains solid food particles under the pre-sink when dirty dishes are being pre-rinsed. The segregation of wet waste from wastewater is what makes the device so unique.
  2. Is more environmentally friendly – Café owners seeking a sustainable option for wet waste disposal should select The Drain Strainer. Not only does it use less electricity that an electric disposer, it keeps the sewer lines cleaner.
  3. Reduces cost in the long-run – Electric disposer not only inflates electricity and utility bills, it also increases cost of maintenance, removal of blockages by the plumber, and adds to repair expenses. In contrast, The Drain Strainer has no moving parts to fix or maintain, requires fewer calls to plumbers to remove blocked grease traps, and inhibits formation of floods.
  4. Keeps grease traps or interceptors cleaner – An ordinary electric garbage disposal unit frequently creates blockages in the grease traps or interceptors. Not only does this increase the rate of maintenance calls but it also creates a notorious odor. The Drain Strainer not only lowers the incidence of a clogged commercial disposal, but it also prevents fats, oils, and grease from entering the sewers which a disposer can never do.
  5. Recommended by local governments and water districts – Public works’ employees are regularly called to remove clogged sewer lines, and the blame is always placed on a nearby restaurant or café. Local governments and water districts are recommending The Drain Strainer over electric disposers in a bid to free sewers from such obstructions. Many governments are banning the use of electric disposers in commercial kitchens. Additionally, The Drain Strainer follows the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency and acts as a best management practice for restaurants, cafés and other commercial kitchens.

Owners who wonder about the durability of The Drain Strainer will be happy to know that it’s made of stainless steel, which most assuredly lasts longer and is worth the investment. Several food service establishments have already switched to The Drain Strainer and it is only a matter of time before other owners comply with local government bodies and environmental agencies.

Trash inceptors and wet waste interceptors comprise the two top-notch commercial strainer devices that prevent a clogged commercial disposal. The Drain Strainer ensures no more foul odors, flooding floors, blocked grease traps or clogged sewer lines which can led to closing down business for several hours or even a day. Save money, electricity, water and attain peace of mind with a Drain Strainer XL and prevent clogged commercial disposals.

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