Keep Your Hotel Kitchen Running Smoothly With Our Food Scrap Collector

Keep Your Hotel Kitchen Running Smoothly With Our Food Scrap Collector

Between hiring staff, buying equipment, and using resources like electricity which alone can account for 6% of the hotel's operating budget, a hotel kitchen operator has a lot on his plate. There are many areas where your hotel kitchen's efficiency could be improved. Making your kitchen run smoothly is better for both profits and your peace of mind.

A work environment where everyone is working together without a lot of wasted effort is one that feels better for everyone. If everyone does their part, you'll have a better work environment. If this efficiency is reflected in the ledger of your balance sheets, you'll be in a great position.

If you're interested in improving the efficiency of your hotel kitchen, a few small difference could show serious results. Try these tips to make your hotel kitchen run like clockwork.

Listen To Your Employees

Your employees are the ones in the trenches day in and day out. They might have some ideas to streamline their day. Not all of them will be in the best interest of your customers. Either way, you need to be willing to listen.

While some of your employees' suggestions could be self-serving, you need to act in good faith. Your employees know when a workflow is working properly and when it's broken. You need to always be analyzing the daily routine to keep things running smoothly and adopt any new ideas that will improve your system.

Every new person you add will have a fresh perspective and something new to bring. Make sure your staff works well both together and independently so they feel invested in the work they're doing.

Write A Manual

This might sound a little cumbersome, but if you've got a lot of items on your menu, you might want to write down standard procedures to improve consistency. This investment of time allows disputes to easily be objectively settled by the guide.

Nothing you add should be written in stone. Be willing to change it as needed. Laws and regulations could change and you need to show that you're always on top of what's going on with the industry.

Simplify Your Menu

Your hotel kitchen needs to have a combination of what people expect from a hotel and a few things that are unique to your operation. While you want to impress guests with your offerings, you don't want to spend too much in inventory for items that are rarely used. Better to simply your menu and execute those items really well.

Work with the staff to make the most out of a handful of ingredients. Reserve specialty items for special occasions. Come up with what will give you the most variety without breaking the bank.

Set Par Levels For All Your Inventory

If you run out of an important ingredient while you're experiencing dinner rush, you're up the creek. You'll have to send servers out to tell customers you don't have a signature dish or that they'll be compensated for something.

This is both embarrassing for you and frustrating for your customers. Making sure that your inventory system is strong and efficient is essential to running a great hotel kitchen.

Communication and Talent Are Key

While many hotel kitchens are searching for the ideal POS system and latest technology, what's really going to make you efficient is having the proper talent. If your chef is skilled enough to create mouthwatering dishes day in and day out they'll still be functional when technology fails.

Make sure your wait staff can communicate order changes immediately. While you'll want to make sure those changes are properly documented in your system, your number one commitment is to make sure your customers get the food as they ordered and expect it.

Divide and Conquer

Having separate areas in your kitchen makes it more efficient and assures the health and safety of your customers. It allows you to concentrate all of your cutting and mixing away from the meal prep and give enough space for each duty.

Something that can be a real bottleneck is not having separate space to receive inventory deliveries. They always come at the most inopportune moments, during weekends or rushes. Make sure you have some space by the walk-in cooler where your foodservice delivery drivers can drop everything off and stay out of the way.

Also, cross-contamination needs to be taken seriously. You need to keep raw meat prep away from the rest of your foods. Be sure that any meat and fish are handled far away from prepared foods.

Make Prep A Priority

When your rushes hit, having a well-stocked hotel kitchen is the difference between success and chaos. A kitchen where everything has been chopped, peeled, and prepped beforehand means that you'll be ready to cook when the orders for your guests roll in.

Every hotel kitchen has a different schedule. Some are busiest during breakfast. Some have no dinner crowd at all.

Know your schedule so that prep is always a priority and that the morning team has everything they need when they walk in.

Make sure you've got trusty food preppers who understand the value of this work and know what ingredients you'll need when the doors open.

Save time where you can and cook some things ahead of time. If you know you'll be using extra ingredients for a large catering order, plan accordingly. Know the things that can be par-baked so they're ready to hit the pan.

Most importantly, make sure everything is cleaned when your crew arrives in the morning without any messes left over from the closing crew.

Your Hotel Kitchen Can Work Smarter

There are always inefficiencies in every hotel kitchen. Identifying them is the first step. Once you've diagnosed the issue, your team can help make the process better.

If you want to avoid having any downtime in your hotel kitchen from having your commercial garbage disposer break down in the middle of a dinner rush, check out our food scrap collector to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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