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Stop Repairing Your Disposer

Many commercial kitchens use garbage disposals to grind up food waste. Commercial garbage disposal units can be flooded with large amounts of table scraps and seriously tough foods to grind up. This rough daily usage can lead to your commercial disposal breaking down. If you do not call a repair person quickly, you risk having food particles clog your plumbing which can cause flooding.

Commercial Disposal Repair Issues

There are many moving parts in your commercial garbage disposal that can break down. The unit runs on electricity, which adds to the potential for breakdowns. Your commercial garbage disposal can leak, causing a mess on your kitchen floor. The unit can jam. If one of your staff put the wrong type of food waste, such as bones or corn silk, into the disposal, it will jam, often necessitating a service call. Your commercial garbage disposal engine can burn out and need to be repaired or replaced. As your commercial garbage disposal ages, it may not grind the food particles properly, causing your drain and pipes to clog.

The Solution

If your kitchen has had repair visits on your commercial garbage disposal units, you know the costs can add up and will cut into your bottom line.

There is an economical, and environmentally friendly, solution available from The Drain Strainer. Our garbage disposal replacement unit invented by a former restaurant owner contains no moving parts, saving you the expense of costly service calls.

Saves You Money

Not only will you save money on the cost of service calls, but The Drain Strainer XL does not run on electricity, saving you money on your utility bills. The only water needed is the normal about you use when scraping your dishes for the dishwasher, saving you even more money on your water bill.

Go Green

Dumping food waste into our water systems is environmentally expensive. More and more municipalities are restricting the use of commercial garbage disposals because studies have shown that pumping this waste into our water system affects the quality of the water and aquatic life. Some municipalities, such as New York City, have banned the use of commercial garbage disposals. Local water districts are pushing this movement to reduce the amount of garbage entering our water systems and clogging sewer pipes.

How Our Solution Works

The Drain Strainer mounts under a food preparation or pre-rinse sink. The commercial disposal unit strains the food particles and grease into a strainer drawer, reducing the amount of grease entering your grease trap. This will reduce the noxious sewer smells in your kitchen and the number of service calls to treat your grease trap.

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The Drain Strainer’s commercial garbage disposal alternative saves you money in your commercial kitchen by eliminating commercial disposal repair service calls, reducing your water and utility bills, and improving your environmental footprint.

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