Top 5 Reasons To Purchase A Commercial Strainer

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase A Commercial Strainer

Restaurant owners have to deal with a slew of complications while running an efficient and hygienic kitchen in order to keep customers happy. Among the most annoying problems that would crop up intermittently are clogged pipes, foul odors emanating from sinks and flooded floors.  Operations can be often interrupted, leading to shutting down business temporarily and calling plumbers multiple times.

So, what can be done to prevent these situations from occurring frequently? Installing a commercial strainer from The Drain Strainer goes a long way in solving many of the aforementioned problems. Here are 5 essential reasons why opting for a commercial strainer such as The Drain Strainer XL makes sense:

  1. Minimize maintenance, plumbing and electricity costs

Since our commercial strainers catch solid food particles and chunks before they mingle with the restaurant’s wastewater, they reduce the cost of plumbing, maintenance and repair. Electric garbage disposers aren’t viable for restaurants since ample amounts of grease and food particles clog the grease trap, creating blockage and paving the way for a massive flood on the restaurant’s floor.

Moreover, an electric garbage disposer utilizes copious amounts of electricity in comparison to a commercial strainer, driving up electricity cost. The Drain Strainer also reduces cost by straining food solids without consuming water, saving the owner’s utility expense.

  1. No maintenance fee or repair costs

Devoid of moving parts, our trash inceptors require absolutely no regular maintenance, further saving money in the long-run. Repair costs can prove to be rather expensive, therefore, owners can save abundant money switching to a commercial strainer from The Drain Strainer.

  1. Supported by local government bodies and water districts

If a restaurant owner doesn’t take care of its grease trap, the sanitary sewer line gets blocked. Public works employees are constantly called and blame owners for the blocked line. Many local government bodies are restricting and some even prohibiting the use of electric garbage disposers in restaurants. Additionally, foul odors lead to irritation among employees and owners. A highly reliable and cost-effective alternative is installing The Drain Strainer XL. Several government bodies and water districts encourage it as a viable substitute. It saves owners and public works employees a lot of headaches in the future.

  1. Environment-friendly

Commercial establishments are always looking for ways to make their smooth-running operations environment-friendly. What better way to do so than to unburden the sewer system of the city? A commercial strainer from The Drain Strainer utilizes less water and electricity, making it an environment-friendly option.

  1. Durable, with a one-year warranty

Our strainers are made out of stainless steel. Once installed, it can last for years if used properly. We provide commercial strainers with a one year warranty period along with a 30-day money back guarantee without asking questions. This provides commercial kitchen operators the opportunity to test the product with the option of returning it with a full refund.

Strainers are typically mounted under a food preparation, pre-rinse or ware-washing sink, resulting in less use of space. The safe, effective and extremely feasible way to dispose a restaurant’s waste ensures practical food waste management and alleviates hassles in the future.

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