Texas Restaurant's Blocked Grease Interceptor Spills Grease Onto Streets

Texas Restaurant’s Blocked Grease Interceptor Spills Grease Onto Streets

A restaurant in Texas had to unexpectedly close after a blocked grease interceptor incident. The restaurant’s grease trap overflowed and grease rushed into the parking lot and onto nearby streets.

The goo was tracked blocks away by cars passing through before the area was contained. The city’s police and firefighters blocked off the area and diverted traffic while over a dozen of the city’s crew attempted to soak up the grease with sand and dirt. The clean-up lasted around 5 hours and the popular restaurant had to close in the meanwhile.

To make matters worse, the restaurant had many graduation reservations that night besides regular business. The restaurant’s spokesperson said that their contractor that cleans their grease interceptor every month did not clean it out this month. They hired another grease trap pumping contractor to drain their grease interceptor in order to get their restaurant back open as quickly as possible.

Situations like this hurt your business’s reputation and cause the loss of customers. There is no reason to allow your business to suffer when you can easily avoid the problems associated with blocked grease interceptors.

To prevent your grease trap from getting clogged with food solids leading to potential grease trap overflows that can not only cost you business, but damage your reputation, consider installing The Drain Strainer so you won’t have grease interceptor issues.

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