New Jersey City Implements Grease Trap Program

New Jersey City Implements Grease Trap Program

The local administration of the Village of Garden City New Jersey has taken a decisive step towards eliminating fats, oils and grease in their sewer system by implementing a Grease Trap Program that targets restaurants and commercial kitchens.

This new grease trap program will consist of annual inspections to ensure that FOG and grease build-up doesn’t spell trouble for their local sewer system.

The Village Board of Trustees gave the green light to a comprehensive sewer study and commissioned an engineering firm from Woodbury to spearhead the development and annual inspection process of their official Grease Trap initiative.

The cost of implementing this grease trap program will move money from the Village’s contingency funds to the Sanitary Sewer Contractual Services.

The Village Superintendent of Public Works has been a vocal advocate for the program, highlighting the persistent issue of grease-clogged sewer lines that could lead to potential blockages.

This grease trap inspection program aims to improve sewer main flow capacity and substantially reduce such blockages by tackling the grease dilemma at the source.

The program includes inspections for each food service establishment. Commercial kitchens falling short of compliance will receive notices of violation, and a status log will be established to track the progress towards rectifying these issues.

The Village Administrator emphasized that recurrent sewer issues Downtown are expensive to fix and they hope to restore the sewer mains to their original capacity without the disruption and hefty costs of replacing them.

The Mayor expressed gratitude to the Village staff for addressing this issue. This program is intended to be in place permanently once it is implemented.

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