Texas Grease Trap Ordinance Looks To Eliminate FOG In Sewer System

Texas Grease Trap Ordinance Looks To Eliminate FOG In Sewer System

KTAB in Abiline Texas reports on a grease trap ordinance that looks to eliminate FOG in the sewer system.

In this case, FOG doesn't refer to clouds. It's an acronym for "fats, oil, and grease", things that can really cause problems when they make their way into a sewer system.

Abilene Assistant Director of Water Utilities Alva Cox explains that those contaminants start "sticking and adhering to the pipe."

Eventually the pipe becomes fully clogged and sewage "takes the path of least resistance."

"That's where you're going to get your backup.", says Cox.

The Abilene Texas City Council heard plans for a grease trap ordinance dealing with the fats, oils, and greases from both residential and business sources.

The ordinance would call for grease traps to be used at food preparation businesses.

Cox says that many already comply, but that this ordinance would allow the city to make sure every business is doing the best it can to keep oils out of their waste water.

The ordinance also deals with education for residents, who, according to Cox, put less oil into the system.

As more municipalities require additional regulations to prevent fats, oil and grease from entering their sewer system, installing The Drain Strainer can prevent your grease trap from getting clogged with food solids.

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