New Jersey Explores Ordinance to Deal with Grease Trap Pumping Concerns

New Jersey Explores Ordinance to Deal with Grease Trap Pumping Concerns

Grease traps and grease interceptors, if not maintained properly, can allow oil and grease to travel into wastewater systems and create possible health problems.

The Springfield New Jersey Board of Health, during its last few meetings, has been hammering out an ordinance to regulate how local food establishments and larger organizations collect oil and grease at the entrance to the wastewater pipe system to prevent that waste from traveling.

Among the proposals put forth at the Board of Health meeting by the township health officer was a series of monitoring steps that first would encourage better maintenance and, after initial warnings and instructions, result in possible penalties and requirements that establishments bring in professional plumbers to recommend more effective systems.

The health officer noted that a plumber was more likely to recommend a different type of piping mechanism rather than showing establishments how to better clean grease traps and prevent traveling of grease and oil into the wastewater system.

He said that township health inspectors can certify that establishment operators are using the proper tools to clean grease traps—for restaurants and smaller establishments—and grease interceptors—for larger and more industrial organizations.

The health officer added that, after an initial visit by health inspectors, an establishment operator can be given, say, 30 days to correct the size of traps or methods of cleaning,

If corrections are not made then health officials could levy a series of escalating fines and other measures to assure compliance after a second or third inspection.

The health officer also said establishments also could be required to employ, at their own expense, a licensed plumbing inspector to conduct an annual inspection to make sure that waste oil and grease is being adequately removed.

The Board of Health President said the grease trap pumping issue needed to be addressed because it was “a disaster waiting to happen.”

The health officer will review his suggested ordinance with the board attorney before presenting the finished ordinance to the board for a vote.

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