Alabama City Implements Grease Trap Ordinance To Fight FOG

Alabama City Implements Grease Trap Ordinance To Fight FOG

In a move to combat the prevalent issue of sewer line blockages, the city of Alabaster, Alabama has introduced a grease trap ordinance. This new regulation, known as the FOG ordinance, targets the primary culprits behind sewer backups: fats, oils, and grease.

These substances are notorious for causing clogs in sewer lines, especially in areas with high restaurant density.

Alabama City Implements Grease Trap Ordinance To Fight FOG

The Challenge of Fats, Oils, and Grease in Sewer Systems

Historically, the City has faced significant challenges with sewer line blockages, particularly around restaurant hubs. These blockages often lead to disruptive overflows, forcing restaurants to temporarily shut down, a situation that affects both the establishments and their patrons.

The introduction of fats, oils, and grease into the sewer system is a key factor in these incidents. When washed down the drain, these substances cool and solidify, leading to clogged pipes and overflows.

This not only disrupts the City's sewer system but also poses environmental concerns, drawing attention from environmental agencies.

Solutions Offered by the New Ordinance

To tackle this issue, the City's ordinance focuses on regular inspections and maintenance of grease traps in restaurants. By ensuring that these grease interceptors are properly equipped and functioning, the City aims to prevent grease-related blockages effectively.

Additionally, the ordinance mandates that existing restaurants register for these grease trap inspections, while new establishments must include this step in their building permit process. The good news for business owners is that permit renewals, required annually, will be free of charge.

Implementation and Awareness Efforts

A robust awareness campaign accompanies this rollout, with City officials personally delivering educational materials, brochures, and copies of the ordinance to ensure widespread understanding and compliance.

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