Grease Trap Issues Cause Popular California Restaurant to Close

Grease Trap Issues Cause Popular California Restaurant to Close

A California restaurant closed its downtown location due to a dispute over the cause of foul odors to the dismay of the owner. A neighboring business in the building noticed a strong sewage smell and warned the restaurant. The restaurant owner didn’t notice anything unusual and did not worry about the issue.

Later, the owner went to fill a catering order and was overwhelmed by an appalling smell that had taken over the restaurant. This caused the staple eatery to close its doors and the restaurant owner and the building’s landlord to disagree as to where the sewage smell originated from.

The landlord said that the cause was due to a poorly maintained and backed-up grease trap, and the restaurant owner argued that leaking sewage pipes under the building were behind the problem.

When the California County’s Health Inspector arrived at the scene, there was a licensed plumber, hired by the landlord, at the restaurant. The inspector left while the plumber looked for the source of the sewage smell and when he returned, the owner stated that the plumber’s inspection found that the problem was due to the restaurant’s poor efforts to maintain the grease trap properly. The building’s landlord was upset the property was damaged and blamed the tenant for the huge problem.

Both insurance companies representing the landlord and owner pointed fingers at each other but no lawsuit is pending between them. The restaurant eventually decided to vacate the building after nine years of being at the location. The restaurant has other locations open but was sad to leave its home location downtown that meant so much to them. Problems like these can easily be avoided with the proper proactive efforts.

Having the right commercial kitchen equipment to help properly maintain your grease trap helps protect your eatery, restaurant, hotel, event center, or commercial property from problems such as these. Closing your business even for a short while can be damaging. Be proactive in maintaining a clean grease trap and sewage system by getting The Drain Strainer. Our grease trap interceptor can replace your commercial garbage disposal and it protects your grease trap from getting clogged with food solids.

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