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New York Program Protects Wastewater System

A water pollution program in the Great Neck District in the state of New York recently announced its acknowledgment of restaurants who are protecting the community’s wastewater system. The program will issue decals to be displayed at the local restaurants to show their efforts in collecting hazardous F.R.O.G.s (fats, roots, oils, and grease) before they enter into the District’s sewer lines.

These decals signify that the establishment maintains a District approved grease trap and is to be displayed in storefront windows. The decals feature a frog in a chef’s hat and the District intends to reissue decals each year to restaurants and establishments that maintain compliance. They hope that these decals will bring awareness to the New York District’s program and their F.R.O.G.s campaign. This campaign is seeking focused efforts towards minimizing the problems that threat of privately owned and District wastewater pipes.

“Partnering with local restaurants is the ideal next step to continue our community outreach initiative to inform the community of the true dangers that exist when harmful substances are flushed down pipes that lead to sewer drains,” said the program’s District Commissioner Steve Reiter. “Inappropriately discarding these substances, which are prevalent at restaurants and food service venues, are bad for the environment and could lead to costly repairs.”

“We applaud the restaurants that have taken measures to protect our environment and our system for years and we hope the decal system will help raise awareness for new restaurants coming into the community about the importance of correctly collecting fats and grease.”

The District also seeks to remind resident homeowners that they are responsible for their sewer lines to the District’s sewer main. The District recommends homeowners take proactive measures by cleaning their sewer line.

Important programs like this one help serve your community in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. To stay compliant with programs like this or to be proactive in maintaining a clean sewage system, get The Drain Strainer. Our food scrap collector can replace your commercial garbage disposal and it protects your drains and the wastewater system.

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