New York Targeting Grease Trap Offenders

New York Targeting Grease Trap Offenders

The Department of Public Works Superintendent Terry Brolinski in the Village of Lewiston New York has reminded Board Members that some restaurant owners are ignoring the grease trap ordinance.

Instead of summarily dumping grease down the drain, eateries are required to have a grease trap. When grease isn’t properly disposed of, it collects other debris in its liquid form and then clogs pipes when it hardens. The result can be wastewater backups in nearby homes and businesses. When this happens, the DPW is called in to unclog the mess.

“Our residents shouldn’t have to pay for that,” Marasco said.

To ensure grease trap compliance, the village intends to recoup any costs incurred by the department. Welch is sending out a letter to restaurant owners that reads, in part, “Due to the recent sewer backups, and plugged sewer lines caused by the discharge of grease into the sanitary sewer lines from businesses, the owner will be charged for the cost of the grease removal and cleaning of the sewer lines when the next backup occurs.”

It currently costs $1,600-plus every time the DPW has to clear the sanitary sewer lines, and the workers have to leave whatever job they are working on to clear the lines so it doesn’t back up into your establishment.

“The DPW is able to identify which business the grease is coming from with a sewer camera, so there is no confusion as who is at fault.

The grease also causes more problems at the Town of Lewiston Sewer Treatment Plant, because even though the village lines may be cleared, the grease solidifies again when it gets to the sewer plant. This can be avoided with routine maintenance of your grease traps and strict adherence to the disposal of grease.

If the grease problems from your business persist, fines will also be assessed.

The DPW will be conducting inspections during the month of January 2019 to make sure your grease trap is working correctly and that you are performing routine maintenance.”

To prevent food solids from clogging your grease trap and preventing issues in your sewer lines which could result in fines from your local municipality, in addition to installing and maintaining a grease trap, commercial kitchen operators should consider installing The Drain Strainer.

Invented by a former restaurant owner, The Drain Strainer is an effective and affordable commercial garbage disposal alternative. It allows your sinks to still drain quickly while capturing the food debris that would normally be flushed into the sewer system.

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