Replace Your Commercial Garbage Disposal in Your Senior Living Facility

Replace Your Commercial Garbage Disposal in Your Senior Living Facility

There are often issues with commercial garbage disposals in senior living facilities because they have trouble handling all the food waste in busy kitchens where the garbage disposal is used frequently. Commercial disposals just can’t keep up. Instead of having a leaking commercial disposer repaired again or purchasing a new garbage disposal for your senior living facility, it might make more sense to purchase The Drain Strainer.

What is The Drain Strainer?

Garbage disposals in assisted living facilities are designed to grind up food solids so they’re smaller and easier when going through the floor drains. Still, pipes and grease traps can still be clogged and the garbage disposal itself can cause issues when it grinds up silverware, straws or other items that have accidentally been disposed of and your commercial disposer stops working.

That’s why a former restaurant owner created The Drain Strainer as a way to prevent clogs caused by food waste. It’s an effective and affordable commercial garbage disposal alternative that offers more protection for your floor and wall drains while still allowing your commercial sinks to drain quickly.

The Drain Strainer is a solids separator that captures the food waste that would normally go down your drain. It replaces the commercial disposal completely, eliminating the problems in your nursing home that can be caused by a leaking garbage disposal. It captures any food solids that go down the drain while allowing the water in your 3 compartment sinks to still drain quickly. Your kitchen staff simply empties the strainer drawer in The Drain Strainer regularly to remove the food debris that has been caught.

Easy to Install and to Use

The Drain Strainer includes the parts needed to fit any commercial sink system, making it incredibly easy to install. Your maintenance supervisor can do it on their own or hire a plumber for the installation. Once installed, it’s easy to operate. The stainless steel Drain Strainer catches all of the food solids that go down your drain. Simply pull out the strainer drawer and dump the food waste regularly to get rid of the debris it will catch.

Affordable Option for Senior Living Facilities

Commercial garbage disposals are costly to own and operate. They’re expensive to purchase, they’re expensive to repair, they require electricity and they lead to more frequent service calls for your drain lines and grease traps. The Drain Strainer doesn’t require any of this. It’s less expensive than repairing or replacing your commercial disposer and there’s no need for repeated service calls to maintain it. There are also no ongoing costs like filters or chemicals and the Drain Strainer doesn’t use electricity to operate.

Keeps Your Skilled Nursing Facility Kitchen Running Smoothly

The Drain Strainer is designed to keep your skilled nursing facility kitchen running smoothly. You won’t have to worry about maintenance costs or downtime because it’s not working properly. Simply empty the strainer drawer on a regular basis and continue using your stainless steel sinks without any issues. Your employees will be happy to see how easy it is to use The Drain Strainer to get their jobs done.

Your senior living facility kitchen is responsible for feeding all of your residents. You don’t have time to wait for a plumber to arrive to fix your commercial garbage disposal yet again. Instead, it just makes sense to have The Drain Strainer installed the next time your commercial disposal needs to be repaired or replaced.

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