DuBois City Council Targets Greasy Restaurants

Restaurants in DuBois that do not have grease traps and interceptors will now be required to get them.

The city council heard first reading of a new ordinance last month and they approved it last night.

Restaurants now have 90 days to pay a $100 fee to get a permit for their grease trap or interceptor.

They must be inspected at least once a month and cleaned if necessary, the ordinance says.

City officials say they were forced to take this measure after grease started showing up in the sewer system.

"That's particularly unfair to the rest of the customer base of the city of DuBois because only a few customers are causing this problem, so what we're trying to do is target these customers so that they will take care of their own problem," says city solicitor Toni Cherry.

Under the ordinance, the city can inspect the grease interceptors, and violators could face a $600 fine and 30 days in jail for each day of violation.

It's expensive enough to install a grease trap. You don't want to have additional ongoing maintenance costs to clean it more often than necessary. The Drain Strainer keeps food debris from clogging grease traps so they won't need to get pumped out as often.

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