An Innovative Alternative to the Traditional Restaurant Garbage Disposal

An Innovative Alternative to the Traditional Restaurant Garbage Disposal

Anyone who owns a commercial kitchen knows that such an environment is usually fast-paced and busy. Customers need delicious food and restaurant operators need reliable equipment in order to satisfy the needs of these patrons. If the wrong piece of machinery malfunctions, it can often lead to disaster. A backed-up garbage disposal can halt the progress of even the most efficient kitchen staff.

Thankfully, The Drain Strainer has taken notice of this issue and worked to develop a modern alternative to the traditional restaurant garbage disposal. Seeking to prevent problems common in older units such as clogged drains, wasted water, and backflows, this unique Drain Strainer XL is specifically designed to dispose of waste efficiently, reliably, and hygienically.

Efficient Waste Disposal

Restaurant owners know that it is important to be able to dispose of waste effectively in order to keep restaurant operations moving smoothly. Backed-up drains can be a common problem for older garbage disposals in fast-paced restaurants. These traditional models are not suited for the disposal of large amounts of food items.

The Drain Strainer XL is specifically designed to intercept the waste and debris from food before such waste can clog drains, grease traps, and pipes. Larger food particles are strained out under the pre-rinse sink saving the staff valuable time and helping commercial restaurants avoid problematic clogs and overflows during busy times in the kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

In order to prevent clogging in traditional garbage disposals, many restaurant employees will attempt to scrub large food particles from dishes and dissolve them through multiple rinse-cycles. However this process can waste large amount of water. The Drain Strainer XL catches and strains large food particles automatically during the pre-rinse cycle while dishes are soaking in the sink above.

In addition to this, the unit also helps restaurant owners save money by reducing water and electric bills. Staff members are also free to focus on other tasks as The Drain Strainer XL makes the process of waste disposal much simpler through its strategic design.

Easy to Use and Maintain

While restaurant garbage disposals are often advertised as being extremely powerful and able to withstand prolonged use, they are also usually difficult to maintain. Complex setups requiring lengthy installations and constant maintenance are common in the industry.

However The Drain Strainer XL is easy to use and maintain, making it a perfect choice for restaurants who want to dedicate more time and resources to serving their customers. With a durable stainless steel design free of moving parts, The Drain Strainer XL is a solid choice for restaurant owners who desire simplicity and efficiency in their equipment choices.

Encouraged By Local Governments

A popular restaurant can provide a fun, family-friendly source of jobs and commerce in any city. The only problem many restaurants encounter is that numerous appliances, including garbage disposals, can require a large amount of resources in order to function properly. This can often draw ire from city officials and utility companies.

However, these officials are in favor of The Drain Strainer XL due to the fact that the unit keeps much more food solids out of the sewer systems when compared to traditional restaurant garbage disposals. Using this type of equipment can allow a restaurant to gain a more favorable reputation with the local governments in their community.

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