Eliminate Commercial Disposal Plumber Service Calls

Eliminate Commercial Disposal Plumber Service Calls

Grease is a dirty word—not just for health experts, but for sanitary sewer lines. Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) solidify and build up over time blocking the line, stopping the flow of water, and creating rancid odors. This can be especially troubling for restaurants and food establishments.

When FOG goes through a garbage disposal the grease continues to flow into the pipes where it begins to harden and clog the lines. The restaurant must then deal with lost time and the cost of removing the blockage. It doesn’t have to be this way. The whole situation can be avoided by keeping the grease out of the pipes.

The Problem with Traditional Commercial Disposers

Traditional, electric garbage disposals mix water with food and grease. The grease trap must then try to separate the ground up particles. It’s just not effective. When the grease and oil make it into the lines and solidify, the clogs put stress on already aging lines. The clogs cause water to begin backing up and the smell of rotting food to fill the kitchen.

States across the country have taken measures to stop this business practice and to keep sewer lines free of restaurant waste. In fact, sanitary sewer line blockages caused by food establishments have become such a problem in cities that ordinances have been created in some places to force establishments to fix the problem or face fines.

In some places municipalities and water districts are banning commercial garbage disposals altogether to deal with the problem.

How to Eliminate Blockages and Fines without Breaking the Bank

The only way to eliminate the blockages and fines is to stop food and grease before it gets into the sanitary sewer lines. The stainless steel wet waste interceptor by The Drain Strainer does this by stopping grease in its tracks. It uses a strainer drawer to separate the grease and food particles from the restaurant’s wastewater when dishes are pre-rinsed. This allows the food waste to be removed and the grease-free water to go down the drain. The build-up of food and grease is prevented and the need for a commercial disposal plumber is eliminated.

Save Money and Headaches with a Non-Electrical Unit

Traditional commercial garbage disposers can cost thousands of dollars, but a much more affordable solution is an environmentally-friendly Drain Strainer XL.

  • The Drain Strainer XL reduces use of both electricity and water, making it environmentally friendly.
  • There are no moving parts on a Drain Strainer XL, which means less maintenance.
  • The need for maintenance and repair work by a commercial disposal plumber is eliminated saving restaurants money.
  • Local government and water districts support the use of the environmentally-friendly units.

Our alternative to an electric garbage disposal meets the guidelines the Environmental Protection Agency and local governments have put in place. The result of using the Drain Strainer XL will be a cleaner grease trap and pipes that continue to work properly.

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