New York Targeting Grease Trap Offenders

The Department of Public Works Superintendent Terry Brolinski in the Village of Lewiston New York has reminded Board Members that some restaurant owners are ignoring the grease trap ordinance. Instead of summarily dumping grease down the drain, eateries are required … Read More

Mississippi Implementing Grease Trap Inspection Program to Combat FOG

The city of Jackson Mississippi’s Public Works Department recently announced a partnership with local restaurants to help educate business owners and the public about the importance of keeping fats, oil and grease (FOG) out of the city’s sewer system to … Read More

Replace Your Commercial Garbage Disposal in Your Senior Living Facility

There are often issues with commercial garbage disposals in senior living facilities because they have trouble handling all the food waste in busy kitchens where the garbage disposal is used frequently. Commercial disposals just can’t keep up. Instead of having … Read More

How Your Cafeteria Grease Trap Design Impacts Safety and Functionality

Have you heard of the Whitechapel Monster? This enormous grease blockage of the London sewers gave rise to the term “fatberg” in the early part of 2015. Described as longer than Tower Bridge and the weight of 11 double-decker buses, … Read More

Food Scrap Collector Generates Renewable Energy In New Jersey

Did you know that food waste can be turned into renewable energy? The power generated by the methane gas captured from micro-organisms at the Joint Meeting of Union and Essex Counties wastewater treatment plant in New Jersey, part of the … Read More

City Implementing Grease Trap Inspections For Delaware Restaurants

A recent study showed extremely high levels of biocontaminants in Rehoboth Delaware’s stormwater system in the hours immediately following heavy rains. At the time, city officials questioned the source of the bacteria, because the state’s ocean monitoring system wasn’t showing … Read More

Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Clean With Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

More than 54 billion meals are served at 844,000 commercial kitchens in the United States each year. On average, over 40% of adults eat at a restaurant each day. With such a high percentage of Americans eating out, the U.S. … Read More

New Grease Trap Cleaning Rules Ensure Minnesota Restaurants Keep Grease Out Of Sewers

Grease washed from restaurant frying pans and dirty dishes is creating a fatty mess in Minnesota sewers and public works crews hope new rules will unclog the subterranean arteries. Cities across the state have been getting more aggressive in recent … Read More

Fatberg Removed From Michigan Sewer After Improper Grease Trap Cleaning

With the stink of congealed grease, oil and fat serving as a backdrop, Macomb County Public Works officials remind everyone of the consequences of pouring everything down the drain. One day after revealing the massive fatberg found in Lakeshore Interceptor drain, … Read More

Avoid Grease Trap Problems in Your Restaurant

When someone walks in the front door of your restaurant, the smells are supposed to make them hungry. But if you’ve got grease trap issues, those smells could be costing you customers. Here are the top things to avoid so … Read More

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