Florida Restaurant Grease Trap Spill Covers City Streets

About 100 gallons of grease from a Florida restaurant spilled into the streets according to city officials and a state report. The grease flowed from the grease trap and spilled into a parking lot behind the building. “This type of … Read More

Tips for Preventing a Clogged Commercial Kitchen Drain

Americans now spend more money dining out than they do at grocery stores. For this reason, the future looks bright for restaurants across the country. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant can attest to how fast the dinner … Read More

Iowa Restaurants Offered Rebates For Grease Trap Sizing and Installation

The City of Clinton, Iowa is implementing a proactive approach to reduce grease build-up at their water treatment plant. As part of their 2018 budget, a part-time fats, oils and grease inspector has been deployed to check on food establishments … Read More

Grease Trap Issues Cause Popular California Restaurant to Close

A California restaurant closed its downtown location due to a dispute over the cause of foul odors to the dismay of the owner. A neighboring business in the building noticed a strong sewage smell and warned the restaurant. The restaurant owner didn’t … Read More

New York Program Protects Wastewater System – Food Scrap Collector

A water pollution program in the Great Neck District in the state of New York recently announced its acknowledgment of restaurants who are protecting the community’s wastewater system. The program will issue decals to be displayed at the local restaurants … Read More

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Recommendations Include Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

Commercial kitchens need to be in their best condition in order for chefs and sous-chefs to do their best work. Kitchens need to be fully stocked, incredibly organized, and practically spotless. If you’re getting ready to open your commercial kitchen … Read More

Incorporate The Drain Strainer Into Restaurant Remodel Grease Trap Sizing

Foodservice operators considering entering a space previously occupied by another restaurant should take a close look at existing infrastructure items such as hoods, grease traps and walk-ins. Building a restaurant isn’t cheap, so it’s natural for operators to look for … Read More

Protect Your Restaurant Floor Drain From Food Debris

Maintaining a commercial kitchen requires a lot attention. You need to keep the grill running, the food safety standards high, the food cooking, and the restaurant floor drain working. If you’ve ever had to deal with a clogged commercial floor drain in … Read More

Texas Restaurant’s Blocked Grease Interceptor Spills Grease Onto Streets

A restaurant in Texas had to unexpectedly close after a blocked grease interceptor incident. The restaurant’s grease trap overflowed and grease rushed into the parking lot and onto nearby streets. The goo was tracked blocks away by cars passing through … Read More

Colorado To Require Grease Trap Pumping To Protect Sewer Lines

Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and other organizations that serve food could face greater scrutiny from the Colorado city of Durango when it comes to grease disposal. Fats, oils and grease that congeal in city pipes are creating health hazards … Read More

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