Prevent Food Waste From Clogging Your Commercial Kitchen Drain

The food items you pay the most attention to in your commercial kitchen are the ones on your customers’ plates. But do you spend enough time thinking about what happens to the food items that happen to be left behind? … Read More

Protect Your Kitchen Staff With Our Safer Commercial Disposal Unit Alternative

Hot grease, open flames or wet, slippery floors can make any environment dangerous. Where can you find all three of these? In virtually any commercial kitchen. If you don’t manage your kitchen well, these potential problems can become downright hazardous. … Read More

Louisiana Mayor Wants To Put Teeth Into Grease Trap Sizing Ordinance

Marksville Louisiana Mayor John Lemoine almost sounded like one of his constituents, telling the City Council that “nothing gets done” after city officials discuss what needs to be done to resolve the problem of high levels of restaurant grease entering … Read More

New Hampshire Restaurant Closed Five Days From Grease Trap Pumping Failures

A fast food restaurant in New Hampshire was closed for five days while workers dug up and replaced a sewer line that was clogged with grease and caused flooding, said Portsmouth Health Officer Kim McNamara. The restaurant was closed due … Read More

Louisiana Restaurants Issued Health Citations After Sewage Spill From Grease Trap Cleaning Failures

Puddles of sewage spilled out behind a Louisiana shopping center where many restaurants do business, with foul odors wafting into the air and finger pointing over who should be held responsible. The shopping center is a hamlet of restaurants, including … Read More

Colorado Bowling Alley Sues Restaurant Again Over Grease Trap Spills

The Colorado company that runs the Snowmass Village bowling alley is suing its upstairs neighbor for the second time in three years, alleging the restaurant’s grease trap has repeatedly failed and leaked thousands of gallons of that substance, detergent and … Read More

Keep Your Hotel Kitchen Running Smoothly With Our Food Scrap Collector

Between hiring staff, buying equipment, and using resources like electricity which alone can account for 6% of the hotel’s operating budget, a hotel kitchen operator has a lot on his plate. There are many areas where your hotel kitchen’s efficiency … Read More

Eco-Friendly Solutions For Your Commercial Kitchen Drain Problems

What’s stopping you from making your commercial kitchen more eco-friendly? Hopefully, it’s not because you think your customers don’t really care. Recent reports state that 75% of American consumers are more inclined to buy if they perceive the company is … Read More

Maintain Commercial Kitchen To Prevent Clogged Grease Traps

When you prepare and serve food in a professional setting, your commercial kitchen is the lifeblood of your business. It’s essential that your kitchen stays in top running condition, for both your business and your customers. Not only that, but … Read More

Indiana Restaurant Opening Delayed Over Grease Trap Sizing

The owner of Walton’s International Comfort Food in Haynie’s Corner is planning another restaurant in another traditionally under-served area of the city. But he has run into some roadblocks along the way. Read Street Barbecue to will be at Read … Read More

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