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Replacing Your Commercial Garbage Disposal?

If you’re replacing your commercial garbage disposal with The Drain Strainer™ and are trying to decide which unit to order, the first thing you’ll need to do is measure what the distance will be from the floor to the bottom of your sink bowl once the disposal is removed.

That measurement is your "Sink Height".

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The first step in deciding which Drain Strainer model will work best for your commercial kitchen is determining how you’re planning on using it.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Replacement

If you’re replacing a commercial garbage disposal, then you’ll either want:

Both of these models have a universal Crown Adapter on the top that serves as a funnel to cover the hole once the commercial garbage disposal has been removed.

The box and the strainer drawer are the same size for both The Drain Strainer with Crown Adapter and The Drain Strainer XL. The only difference is that The Drain Strainer XL comes with a set of 6″ leg extensions for taller sinks.

Note: The Drain Strainer doesn't attach to the sink bowl. You simply adjust the legs to get your unit flush underneath the bottom of the sink.

Draining Multiple Sinks

If you have multiple sinks that you’d like to have drain into a single unit, then you will want:

This model sits lowest to the floor which makes it easier to tie a common drain from your 3 compartment sinks and have them all drain into the top of The Drain Strainer Compact.

Tying Into Taller Drains

If you don’t want your unit flush underneath the bottom of your sink, but you need the drain outlet coming out of the box to tie into a taller drain (ex: grease trap or wall drain) then you might need:

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